How to Get Deer to Come to Your Feeder

By Team Banks | February 21, 2017

Once you know how to attract deer to your feeder, you can begin patterning them in time for hunting season. You’ve made the decision to start providing your deer herd with supplemental nutrition. That’s an important step in maintaining a healthy population of whitetails as spring is a crucial time for deer development. Healthy does…

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Turkey Hunting Blind Tips: Choosing the Right Area

By Team Banks | February 17, 2017

Scouting before the season can ensure you have the best hunting blind location for turkeys. Turkeys have incredible vision – no surprise to any seasoned hunter. That makes concealment a vital aspect to bagging a gobbler. While donning camouflage from head to toe is usually enough to keep you hidden, any small movement can blow…

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Feral Hog Hunting Tips

By Team Banks | February 10, 2017

Wild swine have taken over large swaths of the South, making feral hog hunting a year-round endeavor. My hunting party heard for years about feral hogs encroaching near our section of woods. While all of the clubs around us complained of being invaded, we considered ourselves lucky to be pig free. Of course our good…

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