Installing a Feedbank

By Team Banks | November 17, 2017

Banks feeders are produced with durability and simplicity in mind, making setup and maintenance a breeze. We designed our feeders with a few things in mind: durability, versatility and simplicity. Thanks to the UV-stabilized polyethylene construction, our feeders are tough and can stand up to the elements. The Feedbanks are mounted on one post, meaning…

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Hunt Deer in Any Weather

By Team Banks | November 16, 2017

Banks blinds stand up to whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Some of my earliest hunting memories revolve around the weather and the torment it could sometimes cause. On one occasion in particular, my father and I were perched high in a ladder stand overlooking an oak flat. There was nothing to stop the wind…

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The Benefits of Water During the Rut

By Team Banks | October 19, 2017

Providing water for your deer herd during the rut can ensure they’re hydrated and healthy enough to last the winter. We’re big believers in having several reliable water sources on our deer hunting property. Over the years, through testing our Wild Water watering system, we’ve watched deer visit those watering troughs throughout the season, including…

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