Bank’s Blind Tips from WPTV, Part II

By Team Banks | April 18, 2012

Perez, skilled in harvesting the big and smart whitetails of the Midwest, has some more tips on using a tower blind. In part one of this blog series, Whitetail Properties TVco/owner and host, Dan Perez, shared his tips of where and when he uses a tower blind for deer hunting. Perez, skilled in harvesting the big and…

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Bank’s Blind Tips from WPTV, Part I

By Team Banks | April 11, 2012

Dan Perez host of the popular program, talks about his method of using a man-made tower blind for deer hunting some of the smartest bucks in the Midwest. The name of the game when pursuing whitetails from a bowhunting blind is concealment. Banks Blind’s realizes that if a deer does not feel safe enough to…

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Banks Stump Pit Blind

By Team Banks | March 28, 2012

Hunting from a Banks Pit blind offers total concealment from the senses of a turkey, the Stump Pit ground hunting blind really shines during turkey season. The Banks Stump Pit blind is a popular choice among deer hunters wanting to increase the excitement of the hunt by being on the same “plane” as the animal, but the…

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