Turkey Hunting Blind Tips: Setting Up for Success

How to setup your turkey hunting blind so you are concealed and out of sight from a turkey’s watchful eye this spring.

Turkey Hunting Blind Tips: Setting Up for Success

If you read the first “Turkey Hunting Blind Tips” blog, you have a good idea of where to setup your blind when hunting turkeys in the spring. This article tells how to setup your turkey hunting blind so you are concealed and out of sight from a turkey’s watchful eye.

Keep the Sun to your Back

It is well documented that turkeys are not spooked by blinds – even when they are placed in open fields. But, any movement inside of the blind, or from the blind itself will give turkeys a reason to run. Unlike pop-up turkey hunting blinds, Banks Stump blinds are made rigid plastic, so you do not have to worry about the wind blowing fabric around. However, you do want to set the blind up with the sun behind it. Any direct sunlight will highlight your movements inside the blind. You want to keep the blind dark and only open one window at time, keeping the others curtained or covered with shoot-through mesh.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so keep this in mind when you are setting it up. Will the blind be used in the mornings or afternoons?

Keep Some Visibility

Often times, turkey hunters are so worried about the blind being seen by turkeys that they bury it deep in the woods, making decoys hard to see and clear shots hard to come by. Make sure there is a clear area in front of the blind to set up some decoys and offer good shooting lanes. If you are really worried about the turkeys being spooked by the presence of the hunting blind, consider outfitting it with the Ghillie Cover from Banks Outdoors so it blends in with any surrounding.

Adjust if You Need To

You may not set up the blind perfectly the first time out if you have not done any scouting. No worries. One feature of Banks turkey hunting blinds that is valuable to turkey hunters is that they are both permanent and portable at the same time. You can move the blind around to other areas easily, and fine-tune the set up. Once you get it set right, and you are killing birds consistently from the blind, you can leave it there all season long. The blind is weatherproof, and critters will not get inside. The hard plastic shell cannot be shredded by animals like the fabric of pop-up blinds can.

Set up your turkey hunting blind right, and you will have a place to take your friends, kids or just yourself out turkey all season long, no matter what the conditions are. Hunting turkeys from a blind is exciting and will keep you comfortable so you can make the most out of the short season.

In the next “Turkey Hunting Blind Tips” blog, we will talk about how decoys and calls can attract more turkeys to your blind. Until then, stay comfortable turkey hunting in the wind, rain and snow when hunting from a Banks Blind!

Photo Credit Marcy Kellar

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