Hunting the early season can be exciting and, for some, marks the unofficial start of fall. But there might be scenarios in which you want to skip hunting the early season and wait until later to make your move. Below are three reasons you might want to skip over the early season and hunt the rut instead.

Your Schedule Doesn’t Allow for Nighttime Hunts

During the early season, before rut begins, deer are more likely to hike up their activity at night. If your schedule only permits you to hunt mornings, it might be beneficial for you to wait until later in the season to start hunting. If you try to squeeze in an early morning hunt during the early season, you might be frustrated by the results when the deer don’t show. When you hunt the early season, you need to be prepared to sit longer than usual. You might want to wait until the rut season, when deer are active in the morning and throughout the day, to make your hunting sessions worthwhile. Keep in mind that Minnesota’s legal hunting hours start half an hour before sunrise and end half an hour after sunset.

Give the Deer Some Time to Adjust

The longer you wait to hunt after you’ve set up your Stump blind, the longer the deer have to get used to it. If you set your blind up during the spring, then you’ve already given it some time and would likely be fine to hunt now, but if you just put your blind up at the end of summer, waiting would be beneficial. Give the deer herd plenty of time to acclimate to your blind being in their territory. If you go to your Stump blind scent-free and keep the door and windows closed to block out sound, then you’ll be able to hunt undetected. Our Stump blinds, like the Stump 3 ‘Vision Series,’ are heavily insulated so once you’re in the blind, you’ll be concealed from the deer herd and other wildlife.

Give Yourself More Time to Practice

If you go out on a hunt as soon as the season opens and realize you might need a little more practice in certain areas, it would work to your advantage to skip the rest of the early season and practice on your targets for a little while longer. If you do this, you’ll go into the rut season as confident and skilled as possible with high hopes of making the shot. Practice from your blind during non-peak times when you know deer won’t be around. This will still get you out in the elements without actually going on an active hunt. Then, when rut season starts, you’ll be ready.

Hunting the early season is a great way to get venison on the table as soon as possible, but sometimes it’s better to have patience and wait for the rut. If you only have certain times you can hunt, if you’ve barely set up your Stump blind, or if you simply need more time to practice, skip the early season and jump into the rut season ready to go. Whenever you decide to hunt, our Stump blinds will be waiting and ready to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

What’s your reason for not hunting the early season? Let us know in the comments below!

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