Advantages of Bowhunting Blinds

Bowhunting blinds provide concealment and comfort all season long.

5 Advantages of Bowhunting From a Tower Blind

Most of you probably cut your deer-hunting teeth in shooting houses, which were likely just plywood boxes. Sitting beside dad or grandpa as you waited for a deer to appear you soaked up all the wisdom they had to offer. Those box blinds of years past, while crude and simple, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

But those drafty box blinds certainly aren’t missed, especially by bowhunters. Since the blinds weren’t conducive to bowhunting, tree stands were the best way to hunt. In an open stand, not only are archers exposed during the winter when leaves have fallen, but frigid temperatures can make all-day sits unbearable. When we started Banks Outdoors in 1994, there weren’t any durable blinds that catered to bowhunters, so we decided to change that.

Born out of that desire to change the status quo was our Vision Series Stump blinds. They feature four vertical, floor-to-ceiling windows that open silently, seal tight and keep scent contained. The 360-degree design offers excellent visibility and the durable, UV-stabilized construction means it’ll hold up to the elements for years. There are three models available with varying sizes that cater to those who hunt alone or with friends and family. The advantages of bowhunting blinds include concealment, comfortability and much more. Below, we’ve listed the highlights of using a bowhunting blind.

Share the Hunt

We welcome the quiet solitude in the woods. But at times, we want a buddy or child to tag along, or maybe a cameraman to capture the excitement. Our Vision Series blinds feature three models in varying sizes. The Stump 2 is big enough for a pair, while the Stump 3 and Stump 4 can accommodate more people, or are perfect for some extra leg room.

From day one, we focused on making a blind that’s a deadly bowhunting tool. And it’s a continual improvement process. Just this year, we completely redesigned the Stump 3 Vision Series to cater to hunters who want a more open box blind. It’s equipped with the same vertical window design and same door system as our Stump 4 with a 360-degree view and more room. Plus, we’ve also introduce our new Stealth Screen, a one-way vision camouflage window adhesive will keep you visually concealed inside your blind without obstructing your view out.


Not everyone can be in the woods as much as they want. We get that. Many sportsmen and women with the responsibilities of family and work life may have only an hour or two to be in the blind, so that makes time valuable. When using a blind, there’s no fumbling with treestand safety harnesses or packing climbers into the woods, not to mention huffing up a tree with one. Camouflage isn’t necessary and neither is spraying down with scent eliminating spray. Just remember to grab your bow after work and head to the woods. When you’ve only got a limited amount of time to hunt, every minute counts.


A bowhunting blind allows you to draw back undetected while providing a comfortable place to sit all day long.

While you still have to plan your entry and exit routes, bowhunting from a blind can reduce the likelihood of getting busted and spooking a buck. Our hunting blind windows seal tightly to trap scent and open quietly when it’s time to take a shot. The noise dampening interior allows you more freedom to move around. Pack a lunch and prop up your feet while you wait for a buck to show up, which leads us to our next point.


We live and hunt in the north, where weather can turn nasty quickly. In the dead of winter, single digit and negative temperatures are routine. For folks in the South, mosquitos complicate early season hunting. This is what led us to craft the most comfortable blinds we could in order to hunt all day in comfort when Mother Nature is less than hospitable.

Shot Angles

Our Stump Bowhunting blinds provide a 360-degree range of motion with no obstruction. Most of the other elevated deer blinds have corners that won’t let you shoot all the way around. If you have to adjust the shot angle, you could be out of luck.

As we said, building the best bowhunting blinds is a continual process. We are constantly searching for ways to bring you a better product. After all, the reason we got started in this business is to provide hunters with a durable, reliable place to deer hunt all season long, something you can pass down to your kids.



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