Hunting out of any ground blind will put cover over your head, but what are the advantages of a hard-sided blind like our Stump blinds? What makes them different than a soft-sided blind made from tent-like materials? We’ll highlight some of the advantages of a hard-sided blind in this week’s blog below.

Quick Drying

All of our Stump blinds are made out of a solid polyethylene material. This material offers many advantages, one of them being that it dries quickly. Our Stump blinds will dry out after heavy rainfall in no time, preventing rot and disintegration and other issues that come about when material stays wet for too long. Hunting in the rain with a hard-sided blind is not a problem.

Won’t Fade

The polyethylene material is also UV-resistant. Our Stump blinds will withstand being exposed to harsh sunlight without fading. Harsh sunlight can also break down certain materials with extended exposure, just like water. The polyethylene will help prevent that from happening. So, if you hunt on private property and have the permission of the landowner you can leave your Stump blind set up all year, even during the summer months. This is incredibly beneficial because you’ll be able to continue practicing during the summer months with 3D targets. You want to keep your skills sharp, even during the offseason, and our Stump blinds offer that advantage.

Temperature Control

A hard-sided blind will help regulate temperature inside the blind. The solid walls allow for heavy insulation which will keep extreme cold and extreme heat out. The insulation creates more of a barrier between you and the weather elements than a soft-sided blind would. This allows you to be able to hunt during all four seasons. Our hard-sided Stump blinds can take you from turkey season this spring to deer hunting in the fall. Through spring rain and winter snow, a Stump blind will keep you protected on your hunt.

Scent Control

The heavy insulation of our Stump blinds will also help regulate scent. Your scent will stay contained within the walls of the blind and won’t alert the deer of a human presence. The thick walls allow for solid windows that have an air-tight seal. The windows in our Stump blinds open silently so you can keep them closed as long as you need to. You can wait to open the window until you see the wild game. The heavy insulation and sealed windows also allow you to have a conversation. You should still keep your voice at a reasonable level, but our Stump blinds allow you to have a conversation while you’re hunting. You don’t need to worry about your voice being carried out from thin walls. This is particularly useful if you’re mentoring a new hunter and need to be able to verbalize directions at any given moment.

Our hard-sided Stump blinds offer protection from the weather elements, scent control, and an overall comfortable hunting experience. As a hunter, you want to be able to put wild game on your table all year. A hard-sided blind like our Stump blinds will help you do exactly that. Whether it’s turkey season or deer season, you can use our Stump blinds for your next hunting excursion.

Why do you hunt out of a hard-sided blind? What benefits have you discovered? Let us know in the comments below!




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