Banks Blind Safety

While success is every hunter’s goal, safety should be the number one priority year after year. Before you worry about bagging a doe or buck, make sure your blind and hunting equipment are up to safety standards. A hunt is only as good as its safety regulations. If you’re looking for next-level safety, check out our Stump blinds. Every one of our models will keep you safe and comfortable all season long, so you can rest easy knowing you’re set up in a blind that’s looking out for you.


The spaciousness of our Stump blinds allows the hunter a wide range of motion so that they don’t accidentally miss their shot by bumping into the edge of the blind. Nobody wants the small window of their blind to be the reason they missed the opportunity to nab a prime deer. Our blinds come equipped with long windows that are placed around the entire 360-degree design so there is plenty of room to set up the perfect shot. If you’re hunting with friends or family, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting them in cramped quarters. The round design with multiple windows allows multiple hunters to shoot from the blind at the same time without crossing each other.


The walls are heavily insulated to insure your safety while you hunt in the field. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ve stayed out in the cold too long during those winter months. Even when the ground is covered in a blanket of snow, you can stay out as long as you’re comfortable without fear of frostbite. The insulation from the cold is especially important during winter months when the sun disappears and the cold seems to creep in earlier and earlier. In addition to cold temperatures, the insulation will help protect you from harmful UV sun rays. Even if you live in an area that takes a while to get cold, you need to be vigilant for risk of sunburn while hunting. It may seem like an impossible feat to get a sunburn in November, but the sun’s UV rays can be strong even if the temperature feels cool. The UV-stabilized material of our blinds keeps the exterior looking brand new and allows you to be safely shielded from harmful sun rays.


The heavy-duty steel plate used for the base of the blind assures easy and secure mounting. If you set up your blind properly, your blind will be safely secured on any landscape from flat plains to a heavily vegetated hillside. The blinds come otherwise completely assembled, which eliminates a large amount of user error by hunters that may not be able to assemble products as perfectly as necessary to ensure safety. The pre-assembled blind takes out all the guesswork so that all you need to do is pick your spot, secure the base, and hunt your heart out.

If you want to go out on a hunt and know that you are blanketed in safety, invest in one of our Banks blinds. The next time you go out, you’ll have plenty of room to safely set up your perfect shot. With the quality insulation you’ll be comfortable staying out all day, even in near-freezing temperatures. Our blinds provide quality protection and safety for all hunters to enjoy their day in the fields. What’s your number one hunting safety rule? Let us know in the comments!

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