Banks Feeders Versus Wildlife

When people think of the kind of wildlife that uses a feeder, deer and other smaller woodland creatures are probably the first animals that come to mind. While deer are frequent visitors to feeding systems in most of the country, our products are also designed with more rowdy wildlife in mind.

Our Feedbank Gravity Feeders can take a big punch from wildlife and should stay in-tact after visits from more burly wildlife like boars and bears. If you live in an area that has a high population of boars and bears, our feeders will outlast the abuse well enough to keep feeding hungry customers throughout the rest of the year. The durability of our feeders is something we pride ourselves on, because we know it’s important to hunters. You need a feeder that you can set up and not have to worry whether or not it’s still standing. The only things you should worry about with your feeders are if you need to refill it and how many deer are using it.

Though our feeders are durable, we do not claim that they are 100 percent hog and bear proof. Animals are unpredictable and there’s no way to completely ensure that there will be zero damage. That being said, we strive to come as close as we possibly can and have a testimony about how our feeders withstand damage when faced with wear and tear from wildlife.

The Calculated Killers Facebook posted about the durability of our feeders after an overzealous bear had a party with one of them. “You can watch him destroy stuff:  the water hole, camera box and battery box along with external cable…but the Banks feeder has withstood another bear. Great feeder if you’re in the market.” That hungry bear was eagerly trying to get at the food, but the Banks feeder stayed standing. That is the overall goal: to make sure the feeder is still standing. Even if the bear does manage to pry off the top and get to the food, the important part is that the feeder is not completely destroyed. The food may be devoured, but the feeder will not be destroyed.

The post goes on to say, “I’ve never had a feeder withstand a bear feeding frenzy and this one has done it twice.” We appreciate this wonderful testimony to how our feeders hold up to hungry bear attacks.

The Feedbank Gravity Feeders are available in a variety of options that hold different amounts of feed. They are elevated far enough off the ground that hogs and boars will have a difficult time getting to the actual dispenser. They may bump against the post or push on it, but it should stay standing. They are also easily moved, so you can change the location of the feeder with ease if you find you’re having problems with wildlife in a particular area. The feeders are designed to mount on a post set three feet into the ground. This gives the feeder a solid base and makes it harder for the post to be knocked over, while still remaining easy enough for hunters to pull the post straight out.

Do you own a Banks feeder? How well has it survived the hogs or bears in your area? We love feedback and appreciate any testimonies/comments!

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