It’s important to inspire the next generation by introducing them to hunting. It conveys the significance of conservation and is an opportunity to bond and spend quality time with the young hunter. Our Stump blinds offer the comfort, safety, and ease of use that will make youth hunters want to come back to the blind every weekend.

Room to Grow

Our blinds like the Stump 2 ‘Vision Series’ offer plenty of room, so you can sit right next to the youth hunter and help them without crowding them. Younger hunters will likely need a break or two. There is enough room to stretch out with a sleeping bag on the floor and play a game, or simply rest, until they’re ready to get back at it. Allow the young hunter to take their time. If you push them too hard, it may discourage them and make them unwilling to participate again. Assess the pace of your hunting companion and try to match your energy to theirs.

Many young hunters will love getting to spend time with their mentor in the blind. The sound-proofing capabilities of our blinds make it easy to have a conversation. The insulation allows you to talk about how the hunt is going and discuss anything important without being heard by the wildlife. If the deer are nowhere to be found, then it gives you plenty of one-on-one time to talk about anything you’d like. It’s a great way to press pause on fast-paced everyday life and have meaningful time with each other without any distractions.

The Stump blinds are spacious enough for two hunters to comfortably sit side-by-side. You’ll have enough room to help the young hunter and guide them as they take their first shot. You can stand next to them without overcrowding them and help them adjust their shot freely, without bumping into anything.

Safety is Key

If you’re hunting with a seasoned youth hunter, you can let them take control in the blind while you sit back and supervise knowing they will be safe. The full-sized door is easy for hunters of any age to pass through. The door swings out instead of in, providing ample room when stepping through the door. There’s no need to worry about dodging or awkwardly holding open the door as you squeeze through. Our Steel Tower System comes with textured, easy to navigate steps with a handrail. They’re safe for even the smallest hunters to climb.

The floor to ceiling windows allow room for error. An inexperienced youth hunter won’t be intimidated by having to aim through a small window. They have plenty of room to swing around, follow the animal, and make a clear shot. The tall windows make it easier for you to see outside while you’re standing behind them, coaching. You’ll have the same full, unobstructed, 360-degree view that they do.

If you teach someone how to hunt when they’re young, they’ll remember the experience for the rest of their lives. They will always remember that you were the one that taught them. If you don’t know any youth hunters, consider becoming a hunting mentor to a young aspiring hunter that needs someone to show them the ropes.

Youth hunters are the future of conservation. Give them memories that will last a lifetime in one of our Stump blinds. They may even pass the tradition, and the Banks Outdoors lifestyle, to another hunter one day.

Have you hunted with a youth hunter? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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