When you’re gearing up for a hunt, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Hunters looks for safety, security, and durability in their hunting products and our Banks Outdoors Deck Plate is just one item in a long line of products that provide those features. The Deck Plate attaches to any Stump blind and cuts down the time it takes to load your equipment into an elevated blind, giving you extra time for what matters most: the hunt.

What is the Deck Plate?

The Banks Outdoors Deck Plate is a sturdy platform that attaches to any Stump blind. It comes equipped with two handrails for safety and a large platform constructed from a heavy-duty metal. The Deck Plate adds safety to your climb, stability to your blind, and a platform to rest equipment on during loading and unloading. It can be used with wood legs and ladders and our Steel Ladder or Steel Tower System. The Deck Plate is easily transferable and compatible with your own personal Banks Outdoors set-up, whichever Stump blind and elevation system you choose to use.

What are the Benefits?

The dual handrails on either side of the Deck Plate offer added security and safety during the hunting process. Hunters can grab on to the rail as they climb the steps up to the blind to eliminate added strain.

The wide platform will come in handy when you’re loading and unloading your equipment from your blind. If you’re hunting by yourself, you can set your equipment on the platform to make it easier to retrieve them from the ground. You won’t have to go all the way back into the blind to gather your equipment. You just have to reach (or climb) up to the platform to grab the equipment that’s already sitting there, ready to go. If you’re hunting with a partner, you can hand the equipment up to them as they stand on the Deck Plate. This could drastically cut down on the time and effort used to load and unload your gear.

A customer review of the Deck Plate indicates that it also adds overall stability to the Stump blind. “It makes it so much easier to enter the blind and even adds stability to the blind once it is set up,” the customer said. “This is the best outfit I have on my property.”

The metal Deck Plate will also make is safer and easier to stand outside your blind during wet or icy conditions. The grated design gives your shoes traction to avoid slipping and the handrails will give you stability and grip while you transport your equipment.

How do I use it?

The Deck Plate attaches to the steel base on each of our Stump blinds with either wood or steel legs. Then, attach the ladder support brackets to the front of the Deck Plate and connect your ladder. Make sure the ladder is secure before climbing the ladder and inserting the final bolts into the back of the deck plate. View the Deck Plate manual for complete instructions. Once the set-up is complete, you can begin using your deck plate to easily climb in and out of your Stump blind.

The Deck Plate adds an extra layer of security when you use your Stump blind. It will make loading and unloading your equipment easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Do you use our Deck Plate on your Stump blind? Let us know how the deck plate has enhanced your hunting experience in the comments below!

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