Time is flying and we’re already roughly two weeks away from Christmas. Hunting season is over in Minnesota, but giving your favorite outdoor enthusiast a Banks Outdoors product will set them up for a successful 2022 hunting season. Are some of the products below already under your tree? Or are you still looking for the perfect gift? Let the below holiday gift guide help you make someone’s spirit bright.

Stump ‘Scout’

For the hunter that loves to hunt deer in the fall and small game in the spring, the Stump ‘Scout’ is a great choice. It will transition from one hunting season to another with ease because it’s easy to move around your property thanks to the sled base and because the blind itself is so adaptable. Being level to the ground is great for turkey hunting to get the best angle and it’s also a great deer hunting blind. You get the best of both seasons.

Camo Curtain Kit

For the hunter that already has a Banks Outdoors blind, give them extra concealment with our Camo Curtain Kit. The curtains come in the appropriate sizes for each of our Stump blinds. The curtains have a camo pattern that will help your blind blend into the landscape seamlessly. When it’s time to take the shot, you’ll be able to peel back the curtain easily and open the window silently.

Steel Ladder and Steel Tower System

Is the hunter in your life looking to try elevating their blind? Our Steel Ladder and Steel Tower System will help them try the new hunting style safely and effectively. The Steel Ladder mounts to our Deck Plate and attaches to any wooden leg system. The Steel Tower System attaches to the Deck Plate as well and is compatible with any Stump blind. The ladder has a handrail and textured steps to help keep you safe and secure as you’re climbing up to the blind. If the hunter in your life has young children that are looking to follow in their footsteps, this system is a great way to introduce them to elevated hunting while keeping them safe.

The Captain’s Chair

Let the hunter in your life hunt in comfort with The Captain’s Chair. It has a padded back and seat that will keep them comfortable for hours. They’ll be able to swivel from one window to another without getting up or wasting any time setting up for the shot. This chair won’t creak when you use it or give any other signs to alert the deer you’re in there.

Stump Light

For the hunter that likes to use every bit of their legal hunting hours, the Stump Light will help them see inside the blind in the twilight hours of the dawn or as the light dims before sunset. It attaches anywhere inside your blind and is 3 watts and 200 lumens.

There are quite a few options in the Banks Outdoors product line-up that would make a great gift this holiday season. While this hunting season might be at its close, there’s still time to prep your favorite hunter with new gear for the 2022 hunting season. When they open their new Banks Outdoors product, they’ll already be a step ahead when fall rolls around.

What products do you have your eye on this holiday season? Have you received any of these as a gift yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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