Banks Outdoors Releases STUMP 2 Blind

This two man deer hunting blind is outfitted to keep your motions quiet but also give you the space you need so you can get the perfect shot.

Banks Outdoors Releases STUMP 2 Blind

Banks Outdoors continues the tradition of engineering elite tower deer stands with their latest release, the STUMP 2 Deer Tower. It is the ultimate two-man elevated deer stand for comfort, concealment and quality when hunting with a gun or bow.

“We saw a huge opportunity to create a two-man blind that is more comfortable than any other model on the market.” Said Mitch Banks, Vice President of marketing and sales for Banks Outdoors. “You can’t shoot a buck from your living room, so we created the Stump 2 to keep you out in the field longer, even in the worst conditions. And now you can enjoy your hunts with your favorite hunting buddy.”

Constructed with a tree bark textured Polyethylene shell, the STUMP 2 provides total concealment from all the deer’s senses. The wood floor is dead quiet, and the vents allow your scent to dissipate away from the area. While game will not be able to see you, you will be able to spot your target no matter what direction it approaches from thanks to a 360-degree view.  Plus, the STUMP 2 is as comfortable as it is covert.

The spacious design of the STUMP 2 allows you to bring two of your favorite chairs into the blind. There is ample room to draw back a bow without having to disrupt the form you use at the range, making it an ideal bowhunting blind.  The sloped roof will shed rain and snow and keep you dry. You can expect this comfort to last a lifetime thanks to the quality construction of Banks Blinds.

There are no components involved in the setup and production of a STUMP 2 hunting blind vulnerable to the elements, rust or deterioration.  The extremely durable, UV stabilized, carbon polyethylene shell, available in three natural colors, is fully assembled and ready to be used as ground hunting blind right out of the box. If you want to use it as a tower deer blind, the steel plate is specifically designed for elevation of the STUMP. It is made to hold 4×4 posts, and we recommend using green treated lumber and not going higher than 10 feet to the base of the Stump. That would put you around 16 feet at eye level.

You asked for it and we delivered. A hunter looking for a quiet hunting blind that is comfortable, covert and easy to set up need to take a look at the Banks Outdoors STUMP 2 and find out why so many hunters are saying this is the most hunt-friendly deer stand they have ever hunted from.

Photo Credit Stuart Bassil

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