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Each of our Stump blinds are designed and manufactured with care and the desire to create a blind that fits into the natural landscape and enhances the hunting process. We offer different variations of our Stump blinds so that you have the freedom to choose the blind that works best for you and your hunting style. Any of our blinds will make your hunting season more comfortable and hopefully more successful. Here is a brief summary on how to assemble each category.


Our Scout blinds are durable, portable, and require almost no assembly. The only item that requires assembly is the shelf that comes with the blind. To assemble the shelf, simply hold the shelf in the desired location, drill a ¼ inch hole in the wall in the slots below the shelf and bolt it to the wall using the included nuts, bolts, and washers. You can view the full shelf assembly instructions in the instruction manual. In addition to the shelf, the Scout blinds include skis, a steel hitch, a floor mat, panoramic windows and a vent kit.  These additional accessories are already assembled, so you can tow your Scout blind to your favorite hunting location the minute you receive it.

Stump and Vision Series

Our original Stump blinds and our ‘Vision Series’ blinds are excellent choices if you want to elevate your blind. The blind itself comes fully assembled, all you have to do is assemble the shelf and attach your wood tower system or our Steel Tower System. If you’re using green treated wood posts, simply turn the blind on its side and slide the posts into the steel pockets on the base. Then install the two included lag screws into each post through the holes in the steel pockets. You can cross brace the legs for added support. For full assembly instructions, review the same instruction manual mentioned above.

Pro Hunter

Our ‘White Properties Pro Hunter’ blinds come fully assembled, including the accessories. No assembly is required at all except for the tower system if you decided to elevate the blind. It comes equipped with a number of our accessories, including a Captain’s Chair, a Stump Chair, a storage shelf, wall insulation, a floor mat, a bow hanger, camo curtains, a bi-pod, and an anchor kit.


All of our Stump blinds are compatible with our accessories if you want to elevate your blind or give it added camouflage. The Steel Tower System is a secure way to elevate your Stump blind. The system is compatible with the deck plate on any Stump blind. So, you can mount your current blind to the system and easily change it out if/when you invest in another Stump blind. Assembly for the steel system is similar to the assembly for the wood system. You will attach the legs to the pockets in the steel base, attach the support brackets and foot pads, and cross base the legs for support. You can review the full assembly instructions in the manual. The Stealth Screen gives your blind extra camouflage with a real forest image instead of just a pattern. The screen is one-sided, so you can see out, but the deer can’t see in. The screen adheres to any standard Stump windows or ‘Vision Series’ windows.

Whether you choose one of our portable ‘Scout’ blinds or the easily elevated ‘Vision Series,’ we’re confident that our Stump blinds will serve you well this hunting season and for many more seasons to come.

Which of our Banks Outdoors blinds do you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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