Our Stump 2 blinds are a great choice for any hunting scenario. They transition smoothly from deer season to turkey season and can withstand all weather conditions. It’s a well-rounded, versatile blind that will help you harvest your game, season after season. Check out exactly what makes this series so special.

Made for any Season

Our Stump 2 blinds can easily be elevated on a wooden leg system or our Steel Tower System. Each blind is set on a rigid, heavy-duty, steel plate base for easy and secure mounting to a tower system. You have the option to hunt elevated or from the ground. The Stump 2 ‘Scout’ is a great ground blind for turkey hunting. The windows open silently so you can wait until the turkeys are in close range before opening them. Turkeys have a small vital area, so hunting from a Stump 2 ‘Scout’ will allow them to get as close as possible, giving you the best chances of making a clean, ethical shot.

Made for any Weather

Our Stump blinds are made from a UV-stabilized polyethylene material that can withstand intense weather conditions. The blind won’t rot, even if you leave it out in heavy downpours of rain. It’s resistant to harsh UV rays, so you can use your blind throughout the spring and summer without worrying that the sun will fade out the material. The blinds come in a bark-like color, so you’ll be camouflaged the moment you start hunting from it.

Our Stump 2 blinds are even comfortable during active hunts in harsh weather. A Banks Outdoors customer confirmed the comfort in this review:

“They are well built and very easy to set up. They are great for taking youths on their first hunts and/or staying out of the really nasty weather that can occur during Minnesota deer hunting.”

Easy Entry

Our Stump blinds all have a three-point door latching system and a full-sized door that opens outward, rather than into the blind. This gives you plenty of room to enter the blind without having to maneuver around the door. That feature also makes this a great blind for hunters of any age. The ease-of-entry makes it safe and welcoming for young hunters and easy to navigate for seasoned hunters.

Which Stump 2 is Right for You?

Every Stump 2 blind comes with an enlarged rear window, three-point door latching system and foam Floor Mat. Each Stump 2 blind is 6.5 feet long by 4 feet wide by 78 inches tall and has six windows, with the rear window measuring 34 inches by 14 inches.

Banks Outdoors strives to present hunters with quality products that help you hunt all seasons. When we say all seasons, we mean it: deer, turkey, small game, winter, spring, summer, fall, we’re here for it all. Try our Stump 2 blinds and let us know how they helped your season.

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