Our Stump blinds are designed with the hunter in mind. We want to make sure they’re as comfortable, functional and durable as possible. They can also be incredibly versatile. Our Stump 4 ‘Ice’ blind can transition from ice fishing season to deer hunting season to turkey hunting season and back again, all while providing the functionality and comfort you expect from a Banks Outdoors blind. Learn more below about how you can use our Stump 4 ‘Ice’ blind all year long.

Comfortable Flooring

The Stump 4 ‘Ice’ has a wood floor that makes it easy to transition from ice fishing on a frozen body of water to hunting on dry land. The wood floor keeps your feet off the ice during ice fishing season and off the ground during hunting season. This makes the blind useful on all terrains. You can settle it among bushes and shrubs on land or position it in the middle of a body of water and either way you won’t feel any discomfort under your feet.

Features That can be Used Year-Round

You can mount your rattle reels to the walls during the winter and your hunting equipment during hunting season, making the transition seamless. You can mount lights and heaters to the walls during all seasons to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature. The Stump 4 Ice also has four ice fishing holes that you can easily cover up during deer or turkey hunting season by using the included covers. So, even the ice fishing holes aren’t a deterrent when it comes to versatility.


Just like our ‘Scout’ blind, the Stump 4 ‘Ice’ has a steel hitch so that you can easily pull the blind with an ATV or other vehicle. You can pull the blind on and off the ice and all around your property. The hitch will transition well to hunting season and allow you to transport your blind to a new hunting location with ease. It’s important to be able to change your hunting location, even in the middle of a hunt, so the portability of our blinds will make that task easier. It also means that you can go hunting in the morning and ice fishing in the afternoon if you wanted to.

Insulated for Comfort

Our Stump blinds are all equipped with a protective layer of wall insulation. This insulation regulates the temperature inside the blind and helps keep sound in. The heavy insulation will help you stay out on the ice without the freezing temperatures deterring your trip. When you’re ready to switch to deer hunting, you can move the blind to land and the insulation will provide protection from the wind, cold winter snow, and other weather factors. The insulation provides the additional benefit of trapping in sound to avoid scaring the wildlife.

You can use the Stump 4 ‘Ice’ to ice fish and hunt whitetails and turkeys. This one blind will see you through three different types of hunts with comfort and ease. You can harvest fish, venison and turkey all from the safety of one Stump blind. Our blinds are designed to be versatile, portable, and able to withstand season after season. We hope your deer hunting season turns into a successful turkey hunting season.

What animals have you harvested from a Banks Outdoors blind? Let us know in the comments below!

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