A blind may be the greatest investment you make if you are introducing youngsters to hunting.

Be Safe, Have Fun and See More Deer when Hunting with Kids

The stories we love to hear most are those about youngsters hunting. Just this week, Parker Baugh tagged a big Iowa 10-point buck from a Banks Blind and we are so happy to be a part of the hunt. You can read the complete story here, but we wanted to take a moment to explain why you should consider hunting from a Banks Blind when you take kids out into the field.


We spend a lot of money and time outfitting our apprentices with the right guns, bows and gear. We even look for the best Bulk 9mm Luger Ammo for Sale. We want them to enjoy their first experiences in the outdoors so they keep asking to go. Nothing will make a kid hate hunting more than being uncomfortable. Being cold while waiting for a deer to show up is a major turnoff. Yet, it is no secret cold weather encourages more deer movement. When you are inside an enclosed hunting blind, you are protected from the elements.

You can hunt with a youngster from a Banks deer hunting blind on your schedule – not Mother Nature’s. Even if the deer are not moving, the hunt can still be enjoyable from the comfort of a tower blind.


Obviously safety is the primary goal of all hunters – both young and old. Treestands can be tricky for a new hunter – especially a child – to get used to and feel safe in. A Bank’s blind allows you and the other hunters in your group to comfortably and safely get off the ground so you can see more game and take shots from an elevated tower blind without the risk of falling.

Better Chance of Success

Not only are Banks deer hunting blinds more comfortable than treestands, they offer more concealment, too. Children find it hard to stay still and quiet for long periods of time. They are going to want to talk. Our tower blinds feature carbon window curtains to hide movement and acoustic dampening materials to lessen noise.

If they get bored, hungry or fidgety while watching for deer – and it is almost guaranteed they will – the scent-proof design, in addition to the blind’s ability to hide movement and sound gives a young hunter more freedom to eat a snack, play a game or talk quietly with you. And the ability to talk to one another as a hunt unfolds is an opportunity to teach kids about safety, woodsmanship and the game you are pursuing.

As a parent or mentor, ushering a young child into the world of hunting is one of the most rewarding experiences for both you and the youth hunter. There is no better environment to pass your love for the outdoors on to a new hunter than the Stump elevated hunting blinds.

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