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Rut Hunting Public Land

Hunting public land during the rut season can yield good results if you know how to hunt it. Find the does first, work with the hunting pressure, and public land hunting can provide a successful rut season. Our Banks Outdoors blinds help make hunting public land comfortable and profitable. Go Where the Does Are While…

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Top 5 Rut Hunting Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

It’s easy to practice the same hunting patterns during rut season, but try taking advantage of the heightened activity and use new tactics. Some practices that work perfectly during the rest of the season might not be appropriate for the rut. Here are five rut hunting mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Focusing on…

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Where to Hunt During the Rut

The rut season is kicking into high gear and deer are following the call of Mother Nature. Right now, deer are making rubs and scrapes with increasing frequency and they’re on the prowl for mates. With all this flurry of activity, where should you set up your Banks Outdoors blind? Find Where They’re Hiding During…

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How to Hunt the Phases of the Rut

Deer are creatures of habit and follow the same rut schedule year-after-year. Knowing what goes on during the phases of the rut will help you plan your hunting locations and strategies during pre-rut, peak rut, and post-rut. Pre-Rut When deer are in pre-rut mode, they make rubs and scrapes as often as they can. The…

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Turkey Hunt with Banks Outdoors Products

Banks Outdoors blinds are effective for both deer hunting and turkey hunting. When stationed on the ground, they help get the turkeys as close to you as possible. The windows on our “Vision Series” blinds are tall and silent, allowing you to get a good angle on the birds without being heard. They are transitional…

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