A good hunting spot is only good if you can access it safely and easily. Clear a path to the entrance of your hunting property in the off-season so that you’re ready to go as soon as hunting season starts. Clearing your property entrance will help you have a safe and successful hunting season.

Clear the Path

You want to be able to enter and exit your hunting property on foot, which means that there needs to be a manageable path. Clear out a specific path at the entrance of your property, just enough to get you started. Then, you can change course as you get deeper into the woods. Having a clear path that you can use to get your bearings will help keep you from getting lost. You should always have a strong marker to go back to that lets you know when you’re at the entrance.

Make it Accessible in Emergencies

You also want to be able to enter and exit your property in an ATV or vehicle. Make sure the entrance has an accessible area for a vehicle to enter in case of an emergency. You should make sure that help can find you quickly if anything were to happen in the woods. Being able to take your vehicle or ATV into the woods will also help you with your harvest when it’s time to load it up. You won’t have to exert as much energy carrying the deer all the way through the woods if you’re able to load it into a vehicle. You’re still remaining active by hiking back to the car, but without having to drag the deer along with you. Conserving this energy will allow you to spend more time in the woods, bagging more deer.

Check for Danger

Make sure your property is clear of any poison ivy or other dangerous debris. You should be aware of any areas where there are dangerous plants. You don’t want to be surprised when you’re crouched down in the brush and you notice that your nestled among a poisonous plant. Either choose a path that doesn’t have a lot of brush growth naturally, or carve out a path yourself. You don’t need the area to be completely flat, but it shouldn’t cause unnecessary danger.

Open Up a Line of Sight

By carving a clear path and containing the brush to specific areas, you can more easily monitor your herd. Set up a trail camera alongside your new path and study the trends for the upcoming season. You’ll be able to more clearly see any deer crossing through the paths in the open space.

Keep it Quiet

Clearing your path of unnecessary debris will make your trek to your favorite hunting spot much stealthier. If the path is free of overhanging branches or loose twigs, you’ll be able to remain quieter as you approach your blind or stand. Keeping your path clean will also give you a point of reference for activity. Know you just cleared the area, but there’s a new patch of leaves there that wasn’t there before? You might have some wildlife activity.

Clearing a path not only makes your property safer, it opens up opportunities for studying herd patterns.

How do you maintain your property so that you can safely enter and exit it during hunting season? Share your tips in the comments below!

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