Concealing yourself from deer while you’re hunting is crucial to your success. You should conceal everything from your scent to your location. Our Stump blinds and accessories can help you conceal yourself from the deer herd’s watchful eyes, sensitive ears, and trained noses. Check out the tips below to learn more.

Blend Into the Landscape

Blending into the background of the hunting area is important when you’re on foot and when you’re in a blind. When you’re on foot, you should wear camouflage clothing, with an item of hunter orange in accordance with your state’s guidelines. Our Stump blinds will help you blend seamlessly into the landscape. The round design and neutral colors make the blind look like a tree stump to deer, as the name implies. This will help you blend into your surroundings and make the deer think that your blind is part of the terrain.

For extra concealment, you can add a Stealth Screen to the windows. The Stealth Screen has a realistic camouflage pattern and offers one-way viewing. You’ll be able to see out, but the deer can’t see in. The screen adheres to the windows in any of our standard or ‘Vision Series’ blinds. Because you’ll be able to see out, you can scout patiently from the blind knowing that you’re totally concealed until you’re ready to take aim. Then, just open the window (keep in mind the screens are not shoot-through screens) and get ready for your harvest.

Our Ghillie Cover is also a great way to take your incognito hunting strategy to another level. The cover easily fits over any Stump ‘Scout’ ground blind and any elevated Stump ‘Vision Series’ blind. You can also use the cover during turkey season to conceal yourself from the turkeys’ hyper-sensitive eyesight as well.

Conceal Your Sound

It’s also incredibly important that the deer don’t hear you. When you’re hunting on foot, the occasional rustle of leaves as you walk or other softer sounds that are natural to nature aren’t as worrisome. If it alerts the herd, there’s the possibility that they’ll wait and see if it’s another animal making the sound. But if you make sounds that are obviously human, like talking or rattling your backpack, then they’ll be on higher alert. When you hunt from a Stump blind, the sound will be locked in by the heavy insulation. You can opt to insulate the walls further with our Wall Insulation. This will give you an extra sound-deadening advantage.

Conceal Your Scent

Concealing scent is probably the most important thing to conceal when you’re hunting. A deer’s nose is ultra-sensitive and they can pick up on almost any scent. You need to make sure you’ve sprayed yourself with a scent-eliminating spray before you venture into the hunting area on foot. If you’re hunting from a Stump blind, you still need to be mindful of your scent as you walk to the blind, but once you’re inside the blind, you’ll have an extra level of concealment. The windows in the Stump blinds tightly seal, keeping your scent in as well as sound.

Concealing your sound, your scent and your presence in general is key to hunting success. If you give away your location in any way, you’ll discourage the deer herd from coming near your hunting spot. We hope these tips will help you conceal yourself from the deer herd whether you’re hunting on foot or from a Stump blind.

How do you stay concealed from deer? Let us know in the comments below!

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