Coyote Hunting from a Banks Tower Blind

If you filled your deer tags and don't want to surrender to watching football just yet, put your hunting blind to use while outsmarting some coyote.

Coyote Hunting from a Banks Tower Blind

Deer hunting season is far from over, and many are still hunting deer from a tower blind, but the start of December also means coyote hunting is going to get hot. If you filled your deer tags but do not want to surrender to watching football on the couch just yet,  put your hunting blind to use while outsmarting some predators.

There are two types of coyote hunters: The diehard, who can’t wait to watch a coyote rush into their calls, decoys and bait, and the opportunist, who shoots a coyote that presents the chance while hunting other species.

Many deer hunting camps around the country consider coyotes, bobcats and wolves a nuisance. Farmers with livestock consider them thieves and there is a sense of duty for deer hunters to shoot coyotes on site in many camps. Then there are the hardcore predator hunters who bridge the gap between deer season and turkey season with coyote hunts.

A coyote blistering into your setup, a long-range shot hitting the fast moving target and a sense that you fooled one of the smartest animals you can hunt becomes an addiction for those who try it. Many consider coyote hunting a rush of a lifetime, but it is not easy.

The features of a Banks Blind can help make the task a little easier. Allowing a 360-degree view, the Stump tower will allow you to survey large areas of land as coyotes frolic the landscape looking for an easy meal or a mate to breed with in the winter months. Seeing coyotes before they see you is a requirement and an elevated hunting blind affords increased visibility for the hunter, as well as camouflage.

The natural colors of the Stumps polyethylene shell blends into a setting and once the hunting blind has been in an area for some time, animals become conditioned to its presence. The elevated coyote hunting blind will contain your scent until the coyote is shooting range, keep you hidden from view and keep noise to a minimum if you have to move or adjust shot angles. The windows also make for a great shooting rest, which is important considering a coyotes have a kill zone a bit bigger than a grapefruit.  This small target, along with the possibility of long-range shots,  demands a secure rest as offered in the Stump family of hunting blinds.

Another features a coyote hunter will find useful is the ability of the tower blind can go right in the middle of a field. You can have the coyote come to you, your decoy or your calls without having to worry about having a tree or cover close. Finally, the enclosed hunting blind keeps the elements at bay. When weather can go bad quickly in winter months, it is definitely when you want to run to a blind and let things happen around you.

If you have the desire to do some coyote hunting this winter or if you already know the adventure it can be, consider hunting from a Banks tower bind. It is a great way to spend some time in the field after deer season, practice long-range shooting skills and cull a few of the pesky deer and livestock predators from the population. If those are not reasons enough, you just may find coyote hunting to be an exciting, adrenaline spiking and thrilling adventure.

Photo Credit Franco Folini

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