Using deer calls from your Stump blind is a great way to stir up some excitement in the deer herd. If you use the right deer call at the right time, you could kick up a flurry of deer behavior near your blind which will give you the opportunity to make that all-important shot for a successful harvest. Check out our list of deer calls every hunter should have in their back pocket.

Antler Rattling

The sound of antlers rattling is a great call to use during the rut season. During the rut, bucks will be on high alert for any does in the area. The bucks will all be trying to find does to mate with and this could create fights for dominance if multiple bucks are fighting over the same does. This is when your observations from your trail cameras will come in handy. If you’ve observed that there are more bucks than does in your herd, those bucks will definitely be fighting each other for the few does in the area. When deer fight, they use their antlers to crash into each other. An antler rattle would be ideal in this situation because it mimics the sound of two bucks locking antlers. You’ll pique the curiosity of the bucks in the area to follow the sound of bucks fighting. They’ll know that if they follow the sound, they’ll likely find a doe nearby or they might be inclined to get into the fight themselves. Either way, this is a great sound to draw bucks to the area.

Doe Bleats

Making the sound of a doe bleating can also be effective during the rut season. Does bleat year-round, but it will pick up during rut season. Does use bleats to call to other deer, so using a doe bleat alone could attract both bucks and does to the area. During hunting season, it can be tempting to only think about calling in the bucks directly, but sometimes you need to call in the does first to encourage the bucks to follow. Using a doe bleat is the best of both worlds.

Grunt Calls

Using a grunt call along with a doe bleat could also attract bucks to the area. Using these calls will attract bucks that are searching for does. Grunts can be used for social communication between the deer so using it during the rut season is a way to draw the deer to the sounds of other deer.

When to Use Them

When you use any of the calls, make sure you’re not using them too frequently. Calling repeatedly could raise suspicion in the herd. Use them intermittently at first, then stop completely when you see the deer are within range. If you use the call when the deer are too close, you risk exposing yourself and alerting them to your location.

Whichever calls you decide to use, it will be easy to show them off from your Stump blind. The windows of the Stump blinds open silently, so you’ll be able to open the windows to use the calls then close them again until the deer approach the area. This will keep your scent inside the blind while the deer make their way to your spot to investigate the sounds. Then, once they’ve arrived at your blind, the source of the calls, you can open the windows again without worrying that the sound will scare off the deer.

Which deer calls do you think are the most important for a hunter to know? Let us know in the comments below!




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