Deer calls are helpful tools to lure in deer during the entire hunting season. You can use them pre-ret, during rut, and post-rut in varying intensities to attract deer to your Stump blind. Below are some tips and tricks for making the most out of your deer calls and using the correct strategy.

What They Are

Deer calls are designed to mimic natural sounds that deer make. They make deer in the surrounding area think that another deer is nearby. If you use bleat calls that sound like a doe, you will attract bucks looking for a mate. If you use a call that sounds like a rival buck battling for dominance, the other bucks in the area will be drawn to the sounds out of curiosity or desire for competition.

You can also simulate the sound of two bucks fighting by rattling antlers. You can make this sound with either real or synthetic antlers by knocking them together.

How to Use Them

You don’t want to be too aggressive before the rut begins. Use a low-key call like a grunt call to mimic everyday deer sounds. Use a grunt to attract social deer if you don’t see any in the area, then slowly back off as they get closer.

Our Stump blinds, like the Stump 3 ‘Vision Series,’ are perfect for hunting with deer calls because you can use the elevation to your advantage. When your Stump blind is elevated on a wooden system or our Steel Tower System, you can see the deer approaching from miles away. This will help you know when to put up your call and take your shot position.

During the rut, you can use very aggressive calling techniques. Use rattling antlers to simulate two bucks fighting over a doe to entice bucks that are full of testosterone and looking to mate. Try to clash your antlers together in a chaotic way to replicate the random hits of bucks fighting in real-life. You can use real antler sheds or use synthetic antlers.

When the rut is over, the bucks aren’t going to feel the need to be as aggressive. They won’t respond as well to the dominate calls that incite a challenge. They are going to be looking for the smaller population of does that didn’t breed during the first rut and are going into their second estrus. Use bleat calls that sound like does during this time.

Whatever type of deer call you use during hunting season, our Stump blinds will make the experience more comfortable and offer a higher level of visibility than if you were calling on foot. The floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree windows will allow you to see deer approaching from every angle. Our Stealth Screen allows you to open the window and use your deer calls while still staying concealed. The Stealth Screen is independent from the window itself, so you can have the window open, but keep the screen down. You can see out, but the deer can’t see in. This allows you to remain hidden while your calls are still able to ring out into the air.

Deer calls can help you secure a harvest if you use them with the right intensity during the right period of hunting season. We hope these tips will help you this year.

Do you use deer calls when you hunt? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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