Targeting Deer Water Sources

Deer water sources are important year round, which means they’re excellent hunting locations.

Deer Hunting Over Water Sources

What goes through most deer hunter’s minds when it comes time to select a hunting location during the early season? Food. We won’t argue that it’s a great tactic.

But what if you have limited food sources on your property, or the deer only show up to the wide-open fields after dark? The recommended plan B is to hunt the deer water sources. Say you don’t have a reliable watering hole on your property or you just can’t pattern when and how the deer use it. That’s where the Wild Water system, which includes the watering troughs and Wild Water Mineral Supplement becomes a game changer for hunters.

How to Set Up a Water Source

Scientific evidence supports that deer hydrate mostly from their food in the warmer months when vegetation is lush. But as the leaves begin to drop in the fall, those abundant food sources begin to disappear, which makes supplemental water sources an important tactic to keep the herd healthy. The trail cameras we have on our property prove that deer will use a discrete water source in between their feeding and bedding areas like clockwork – a perfect location for a hunting blind.

“Think you have enough water already? That’s not the point,” wrote whitetail habitat specialist, Jeff Sturgis in an article on Outdoorhub. “Where a water hole is extremely effective is when it is located between a ‘dry’ bedding area and an evening food source. When that situation is created, then that water hole can be one of the most consistent movement patterns for an afternoon hunt. Bedding to water to food source – it’s a pretty cool pattern to take advantage of!”

Unlike cattle ponds, which are usually dug in open fields where there’s likely no cover to hunt from, the Wild Water deer trough can be placed anywhere and moved around the property as deer patterns shift. When natural sources dry up, you can keep it full, offering a consistent watering hole.

Deer water sources are great hunting locations during the early season.

During the early season, place the Wild Water trough just off a well-used trail connecting bedding areas and destination food sources. Ideally, you want to place the Wild Water tank and trough in an open area where a deer can see and hear well around them, but still have an escape route to heavy cover.

Then, adding our revolutionary Wild Water Mineral Supplement, a mineral additive designed to mix into water, gives your deer the minerals they need to stay healthy. The added bonus is that in addition to being beneficial to a deer’s health, Wild Water Supplements also act as an attractant. Through our own testing, we’ve found that by adding Wild Water Supplements to our favorite watering holes, we were able to lure in more deer to that location and keep them coming back consistently.

What makes our supplement addictive is primarily the sodium concentrations. Salt is an important mineral deer need in the summer, but it also adds flavor they can’t resist at any time of year. There are no flavor additives in our mineral content beyond that. The ingredients also include calcium, manganese, copper and zinc.

Strategic water placement during the early season may give you the best chance of seeing a mature buck on his feet outside of the rut. And even if it doesn’t, you can move the water source to a field where bucks are chasing does when the rut begins. The Wild Water system will be an oasis for the quick drink all bucks crave as they run around the woods looking for a mate.

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