Hunters are no stranger to braving the elements for a good hunt. While roughing it is part of the fun, it’s also important to be comfortable while you hunt. If you’re content and having a good time, you’ll be more likely to stay longer and the chance of you bagging that huge buck increases. Box blinds are ideal for hunters that want a little more comfort, because they allow you to move around periodically. Treestands are wonderful too, but they limit you to sitting in one spot for the duration of your hunt. Box blinds allow the hunter the flexibility of changing chairs, or even laying down for a while if they need a break without abandoning their spot. 


Our Stump 3 blinds offer a 360-degree view of the area so you’ll never miss the action. These blinds are ideal for bowhunters. You can take your blind to the next level by adding one of our bow hangers or gun rests. Our blinds are spacious and allow for full range of motion when drawing your bow. The long window design of our blinds allows for a true 360-degree viewpoint. You will be able to take aim at any wildlife coming up underneath your window without having to stand up and aim over the edge. Having to scramble to position equipment through a narrow window costs the hunter precious time. 

Do you like bringing along a crew of family and friends when you hunt? Our blinds are large enough to fit multiple chairs which means you can spend time with your hunting partner, instead of being in two separate trees only communicating by walkie-talkie. The ample room also means that any rambunctious child you bring with you can easily spread out behind you and do their own thing, whether it’s taking a nap or playing with their toys. If you like to film your hunts, there is plenty of room to set up a full-sized camera to capture all the action. 


Our blinds are also extremely durable and weather resistant to all weather patterns. You can hunt comfortably at any time of year, through any surprise rainstorm or snowstorm without being out in the elements. By being in an enclosed area where the wind and rain is not directly in your face, you’ll be able to focus on catching any wildlife that are running around to escape the storm. Our newer blinds have maximum insulation so that you can stay out in the fields as long as you want, even in the bitter cold of winter. 

All of our Stump blinds are made out of extremely durable polyethylene; a paintable, bark-like material. This gives the hunter the opportunity to customize their blind to fit their specific hunting needs. Whether you prefer to hunt among the green grass, or among the brown tree trunks, you can paint our blinds to match any surrounding. 

If you love sharing your hunting experiences with others, then our box blinds might be the perfect choice for you. The spacious interior cultivates a shared experience while providing maximum comfort. Their durability to anything Mother Nature decides to throw at you means that you can hunt on your own terms without worrying about whether the weather will cooperate. If this sounds like something that would enhance your hunting lifestyle, check out our website for our latest product offerings. 

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