Hunting from a blind is an exciting experience and is just as enjoyable alone as it is with a hunting partner. However you prefer to hunt, you should keep these basic etiquette guidelines for hunting from a blind in mind. Hunting from one of our Stump blinds makes it easy to follow these tips. Check them out below!

Don’t Set Up Too Close to Someone Else

When you’re choosing the perfect spot for your Stump blind, make sure it’s not near anyone else’s blind. You don’t want to place your blind so close to someone else’s blind that you’d be hunting the same deer. You also don’t want to position your blind facing another blind because that could be incredibly dangerous if both of you are hunting from your blinds at the same time. You’d be in each other’s line of fire. Position yourself far enough away from another blind that you can each have your own territory and experience.

Our Stump blinds like the Stump 2 ‘Scout’ can easily move from one location to another, so if you get to your pre-scouted spot and find that someone else set up shop there, you’ll be able to move your Stump blind quickly and easily to your next location. Simply hook it up to your car, truck, or ATV with the rigid hitch and pull it along on its sled base to your next choice.

Use Different Windows

When you’re hunting with a partner in your Stump blind, it would be courteous and a safety precaution to hunt from different windows. Our Stump 4 ‘Limited Edition 360°’ blind offers plenty of room and eight 360-degree windows, so you should be able to hunt out of any of the windows with comfort and ease without sacrificing technique. There should be enough room for each of you to move around comfortably, but you’ll still be close enough to talk. The thick insulation in our Stump blinds makes it possible for you to have a conversation inside the blind without the deer hearing you. Switch up the windows you’re scouting from to try new vantage points and let your hunting partner to change up where they’re hunting from as well.

If You Co-Own a Blind with Someone

If you and a hunting partner co-own a blind and use it at different times, make sure you let them know when you’ll be using the blind. Set a schedule before hunting season starts with pre-selected dates that each of you will have access to the blind. Or, if you’ve agreed to wing it, make sure you reach out to your hunting partner and give them a heads up before you go to use it. You’ll likely be hunting together most of the time, but for those days that only one of you is available to hunt, it’s still courteous to let the other hunter know you’ll be using the blind.

For extra security, attach one of our Locking Door Handles to your Stump blind. This will help deter other hunters from using your blind while you’re away. If you share the blind with a hunting partner, give them a copy as well. The Locking Door Handle comes with two keys so you’ll each be able to keep one with you.

The next time you venture out on a hunt in your Stump blind, be courteous to other hunters and your hunting partner. Choose a location away from others, respect your hunting partner’s space, and respect their time if you share the blind. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a successful trip and you’ll have been respectful doing it.

What rules and courtesies do you follow when you’re hunting from a blind? Let us know in the comments below!

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