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Fall food plots can help keep the deer herd coming to your property during the peak of hunting season. If you plant your crops strategically, you could end up with an abundance of food available on your property right when you need it the most. Here are some tips on how you can have a successful fall food plot this hunting season.

Place Your Blind Accordingly

Set up your Stump blind in accordance to where your food plot will be, or plant your food plot based on a prime blind location. If you’ve found the perfect place for your blind on your property, set it up now so the deer have time to get used to it before hunting season and plant your food plot nearby, but not so close to the blind that you’re right next to it. Give yourself some space between the blind and the food plot. You don’t want to hunt right on top of a food source. Make sure there’s a clear path between you and the food plot. If there’s an area on your property with the perfect environment for a food plot, plant first, then place your blind adjacent to it. Our Stump blinds, like the Stump 4 ‘Scout,’ are very easy to move so you’ll be able to move it around your property very easily.

Make Sure They Can Handle the Cold

Make sure the plants you’re choosing can handle colder weather. If you want the crops you’re planting now to last all fall into the cold winter months, they need to be able to handle freezing temperatures. Planting crops now will help you with that obstacle because planting now should mean that the plants will be mature enough to handle drastic temperatures by the time the fist freeze comes around. Planting now gives the seeds time to germinate and grow so they can handle it. Soybeans, cowpeas, winter peas and clover will give deer a substantial food source that should withstand the cold. Deer browse these crops very heavily, so keep an eye on the plot to see if you’re getting bare. You can also add the food to your Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeder. Because deer love these crops so much, giving it to them through a feeder will help you regulate how much they’re eating. When the crop runs out, that’s it, but you can always refill a food plot. Our largest feeder, the Feedbank 600 Gravity Deer Feeder, holds 600 pounds of feed, so your herd should be fueled all season.

Try Using Your Food Plot to Create Cover

Consider planting tall crops on the edge of a large clearing or area where there isn’t any dense foliage or a solid tree line. Planting a food plot will give deer the feeling of cover in an area that might have previously been exposed. If it’s at an entry point to your property, even better. Then the deer will see the cover and food plot as soon as they enter your property.

Planting a food plot that will be mature during hunting season can help you attract deer to your property and will help keep them healthy at the same time. The nutrition they get from the food plot or feeder will give them the protein and nutrients to promote antler growth and overall herd health. Our Feedbank Gravity Feeders will make it easy for you to provide that nutrition to the herd all season. For more on healthy eating, visit here this new post with glucofort reviews.

Do you plant anything in your food plot in the fall? What have you had the most success with? Let us know in the comments below!

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