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Food Plot Myths

Planting a food plot can bring deer to your property and allow for close monitoring of herd behavior. Planting one on your property might be easier than you think. Here are some food plot myths that have an easy solution.

No Land = No Plot

Some hunters think that you need a lot of land to plant a food plot. You don’t need a farm in order to plant a successful food plot. Use whatever land you have and make the most out of your space. You can compensate for having a small plot by planting multiple crops in one area.

Plant in the Spring Only

You can plant and replant crops in the same area as many times as you want during the year. By planting a new cycle of crops every few months, the deer will constantly have new food to graze. You don’t want your crops to dwindle too low, then the deer will seek food elsewhere. Planting crops in the spring and summer will create dependence and planting a fresh crop in the fall before hunting season starts will give the deer a reason to visit your property during peak season.

Wrong Soil = No Food Plot

While having fertile soil on your property is ideal, you can make any land work for your food plot if you know how to help seeds grow. You can create a conducive environment for your crops by adding fertilizer and adjusting accordingly. If you know your soil is not the most fertile, plan your crops accordingly. Don’t try to force a crop to grow that only does well in a certain type of soil.

Plant the Right Crops

While a food plot can work wonders in bringing deer to your property, you still need to plant the right crops. What may have worked for you in the past may not work for you this year. Every year brings new challenges, so you need to monitor the herd constantly to see what areas need some work. Are the deer gravitating to a different area of your property this year? Have you noticed that the deer are eating only one of your crops and leaving the others? Setting up a trail camera near your food plot will give you great insight into how you need to adjust your food plot year-to-year.


Give your property a double dose of nutrition by planting a food plot and using one of our Feedbank Gravity Feeders. Our feeders use a single post, so deer have easy access to the feed and won’t get their antlers caught in the stand. Having a completely open area and multiple dispensers allows for more deer to gather around the feeder at one time.

Our Feeder Sleeve will give your feeder extra protection from nuisance scavengers like raccoons and other rodents. The sleeve features a slick exterior that fits comfortably over the post and will cause anything trying to climb it to slip right off. They won’t be able to gain any traction and will have a hard time reaching the dispensers that are elevated above the ground.

Planting a food plot is a great step in bringing deer to your property. No matter how much property you have, it’s worth laying down a few crops and see what kind of visitors you receive. It requires planning and monitoring but if done right, it can be just what your property needs to make it a deer haven.

What food plot myths have you heard lately? What would you tell someone that’s planting a food plot for the first time? Let us know in the comments!

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