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Getting Deer to Your Food Plot

Photo: Keith Engstrand

Deer are instinctual creatures: they seek out and make their homes near food sources to survive. This is why having a food plot on your property is so beneficial to creating deer traffic. Deer stick with what they know and if they know you have a reliable food plot, they’ll stick with you. But how do you get them to come to your food plot?


First and foremost, you want to create a dependency. No matter what you have in your food plot, you want the deer to need it so badly that they can’t help but come back. Consider placing a watering system with our Wild Water® supplement next to your food plot. The nutrients they get from the supplements will encourage them to come back because they’ll feel better. Deer can sense when they’re healthy and when they’re not, so they’ll be sure to notice how they feel after visiting your food and water source.


Put out food that they’re not going to get anywhere else. If the closest corn field is miles away, put out corn on your property so they don’t have as far to travel. In contrast, if there are acres of cornfields right next to your property, try planting clover or something else unique to the area. The goal is to make the deer feel as if your food plot is their only option. This goes hand-in-hand with dependency: if they need the food on your land to survive, they’re almost guaranteed to come back.

Pack a Punch

If you don’t have a particularly large property and are working with a smaller plot of land for your food plot, try to plant a mixture of multiple foods deer tend to like. Pack as many different kinds of deer attractant food into the mixture as you can. Make your food plot a one stop shop for the deer to get all their nutritional needs. They’ll learn that they can get everything they need from your property.

Plant Outside the Box

Food plots don’t have to be a certain shape. You don’t have to box yourself in (literally). Feel free to create the food plot specifically for the land. Follow the natural curves and edges of your land. This will put the food plots right in the path of the deer. The deer will also be more likely to feel comfortable enough to feed if they can escape to cover just a step away, rather than having to run all the way around a large square plot in the middle of a clearing.

Any Way the Wind Blows

Consider the wind direction when creating your food plot. You want to be able to visit the plot without your scent being detected by the deer. Make note of what direction the wind tends to blow and what areas are blocked by the wind entirely. If the deer can smell you coming to check on the plot, all your hard work will be for nothing.

Deer are all about security. They need to know that they can rely on a food source and feel safe enough to visit it frequently. If you keep up your supply with a steady food source and place it strategically close to cover, you’ll see repeat deer before you know it.

How do you maximize the potential of your food plots? What insider tips do you have that you’d like to share with the readers? Let us know!

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