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In the cold winter months, it can be difficult to bring yourself to bundle up and brave the temperatures. If you use a heater, you’ll be able to spend more time in the blind. We’ve got some tips on what heaters to use and we’re also responding to a fan comment on how to best use a heater in your blind.


Ron mentioned in the comments of our previous blog that he struggled with the windows fogging up. Many of us can relate to what Ron is saying, so our advice is to combat the condensation by keeping a squeegee in the blind with you. We all know what happens to our car windows in the winter when we turn the heat on. The same principle applies to the windows of your blind if you use a heater. The condensation could build up enough to block your view of a prime buck and no hunter wants to miss a shot because of foggy windows. You can avoid the condensation by keeping a squeegee in the blind with you. The squeegee will allow you to clean the windows quickly and frequently if needed.

Portability is key with hunting, so make sure your heater is easy to carry. A compact heater will also leave you with more room to move around instead of dominating the space. Banks’ blinds are spacious, but you still don’t want to waste unnecessary space on a large heater when a smaller one can do the same thing.


You want to make sure you’re staying safe when using a heater, so use one that runs on propane and make sure the blind is well ventilated. Make sure you’re taking every precaution by choosing a heater that has an oxygen depletion alert system and automatic shut-off if it tips over. You don’t want the oxygen in the blind to deplete to dangerous levels. We’ve talked about the importance of letting yourself take a nap if you find yourself getting tired, but going to sleep due to lack of oxygen is not part of that plan.

Propane heaters will work best for a blind. You won’t have to expose yourself to the danger of lighting a match in an enclosed space. Using a self-starting heater takes the human error out of the equation. The amount of heat is easily managed and controlled.

Make sure you can crack the windows for ventilation so the excess gas can escape, if needed. Not only does keeping the windows cracked aid with the gas, it will keep you from sweating. Having the heater blasting in a closed in space will get you nice and toasty fast, but don’t be afraid to open the windows to balance it out.

Accidents happen, so if you accidentally knock over the heater when you’re rolling over to another window you want your heater to have an automatic shut-off system if it tips over. This will up your safety factor to the highest level and leave you worry-free and comfortable while you hunt.

The winter months may turn frigid and dreary, but that doesn’t have to stop you from going out on a hunt. Place a portable propane heater (with automatic safety features) in your blind and enjoy hunting from sun-up to sun-down without turning in to Frosty the Snowman. What heaters do you recommend?

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  1. Lloyd on December 27, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Check out “rain-x anti fog” that’s what I use to help me with the fogged windows. Use buddy heater, sportsman eddition. It has the silent ignition and, most important, low-oxygen sensor.

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