A few things in life are certain: sunrises, sunsets, taxes, and advancements in technology. Modern technology is built on the idea that it makes life easier for everyone. Do you think it’s true for hunting? Below we’ll discuss a couple examples of how modern technology can greatly benefit your next hunt. Hunting season in Minnesota opens on Saturday, so we’re certainly ready to put it to the test.

Wi-Fi Trail Cameras

Trail cameras that wirelessly connect to your phone are a great way to avoid going to your trail cameras to physically remove the SIM card. With regular trail cameras, the cameras take a photo of the wildlife whenever it detects movement and the photos are stored on the SIM card inside the trail camera. You then need to go to the trail camera, remove the SIM card, take the card back to your computer, and insert the card to view the photos. With trail cameras that connect to your phone, the trail camera will send the pictures it takes directly to your phone, as soon as the photo is taken. This will allow you to visit the trail camera only when you need to charge the battery. Having immediate access to the photos will help keep your scent away from your hunting grounds and will give you a clear picture of when the deer herd is visiting your property.

Hunting Apps

Hunting apps make it easier than ever to find public hunting land. In the past, you’ve had to look up local maps on a desktop computer or go truly analog and drive around your state looking for public hunting land signs. Today, you can download a hunting app and view topographical maps and maps that designate private and public hunting land. You can also track your hunts by entering information into the app that keeps track of where you’ve hunted and whether you saw any deer. The GPS functionality of the apps is a great way to keep your bearings in the woods and ensure you don’t get lost. Some apps even have maps that work when you go offline. That said, it’s always helpful to know how to read a classic map. That’s a vital survival skill that shouldn’t be overlooked simply due to the ease of the internet.

Another benefit of hunting apps is that it shows you the clear boundary line of public land. This is incredibly helpful during an active hunt so you can keep track of whether the deer you’re chasing went into a no-go zone. It’s also helpful during the off season when you’re setting up your Banks Outdoors Sump blind so you know where you can and can’t place your blind on the property.

When it comes to hunting, technological advancements can be a major benefit. It makes finding public land and creating hunting routes easier than ever. A hunter’s time in the field is precious; you need to maximize your time in the blind, so knowing where you’ve hunted before and how it turned out is vital to creating a better plan for the next hunt. Map your hunts, check your trail camera photos on your phone and go into the 2023 hunting season with a low-impact hunting spot and a game plan.

How do you think modern technology has affected your hunts? Let us know in the comments below!



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