The rut season brings an excess of deer movement: that’s a fact. What’s not much of a fact is whether the full moon affects deer behavior. Some hunters have chronicled over the years that there’s an increase in activity during the full moon, other hunters haven’t noticed a difference at all. Most of the evidence we have of any increase in deer activity comes from hunters; there isn’t any scientific proof that the moon phases directly affect deer movement. So, what do we know? We’ve got some tips on how to interpret full moon behavior below.

Daytime Activity

Some hunters will attest to the fact that deer behavior increases during the daytime hours during a full moon. Some think it’s the opposite: that deer behavior is heightened during the overnight hours during the full moon because the full moon offers so much light. Whatever the reason, both of these theories indicate an increase in behavior due to the full moon and rut. Biologists have studied and acknowledged that the second full moon after the autumnal equinox is when does go into estrus, which kicks off the rut season. If the majority of deer movement happens during the day of a full moon, that’s a better deal for hunters than if they were active at night. Legal hunting hours are half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset, so when the majority of the activity is happening during the day, it makes it easier to catch the action.

Hunt in Comfort

Our Stump blinds are incredibly roomy and comfortable, so you’ll be able to enjoy hunting all day during those peak full moon days. Our blinds will hold both you and your hunting partner comfortably without having to worry about infringing on each other’s space. There are plenty of windows around the blind to choose from so you and your partner can each have your own windows and hunt at the same time. The Stump 4 Limited Edition 360° has eight windows for ultimate panoramic views.

Pay Attention to the Weather

The weather plays a factor in deer movement. Deer tend to move around more when the weather is colder, but not freezing. Deer will also stay put when the temperatures are too hot. So those typical November temperatures where it’s cold but not yet freezing are when you’re going to see the most deer activity. Our Stump blinds will remain comfortable during these colder months, so you can capitalize on the movement. The blinds are heavily insulated, so you won’t be affected by the cold outside air. The windows in Stump blinds open silently, so you can keep the warmth in and keep the windows shut until you see a deer to maximize stealth.

Hunting during any time of the rut should result in more deer activity. Any time a deer passes by your blind is a new opportunity to make a successful and ethical shot, so the extra activity during rut season is a great way to increase your chances of a harvest. Whether you hunt during a full moon or not, the November rut season is a great time to get out in your Stump blind. Plan your hunt accordingly and you should have success this hunting season.

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