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Hunting season can last year-round if you introduce predator hunting into your line-up. Predator hunting is a necessary part of conservation because it keeps the number of animals that threaten other wildlife in check. Here are some tips if you’re planning on transitioning your Stump blind into predator season.

1. Conceal Your Scent

Foxes have a very keen sense of smell, so you want to mask your scent as much as possible and stay downwind of the animal. A blind like our Stump 3 offers the ultimate scent-trapping technology that keeps scent in and keeps you concealed from the predator animals you’re hunting. The windows have an ultra-tight seal that blocks any scent, but also opens silently. This allows you to wait until your prey is in close range to open the window. By being able to wait until the last minute to open the window, you’re keeping your scent contained as long as possible without having to worry about the sound of the window scaring off the animal.

2. Elevate Yourself

When hunting bobcats, you want to set your blind as high as possible. Bobcats tend to prowl low to the ground and climb trees when necessary. You want to have a height advantage to be able to see them in the trees and catch them as they slowly creep along the ground. Our Stump blinds can be elevated onto our Steel Town System. You can also mount your Stump blind using our Steel Ladder which works with any wooden leg system. Both options can be attached to the bottom of any Stump blind or to our Deck Plate. The Deck Plate can help make climbing up your elevated blind much easier with a solid platform and two handrails for safety and support.

3. Patience is Key

Predator animals like foxes, coyotes, and bobcats are going to present a smaller target than the large deer you may be used to shooting at. Don’t be too eager with the shot. After you’ve lured the predator into view, make sure you wait until it’s turned broadside. It will be tempting to take your shot as soon as it comes into view, but just like deer, a broadside shot is your best chance at a successful and ethical kill.

4. Be Ready

It’s important to be able to switch tactics between seasons. If you like to bowhunt for one season and gun hunt for another, our Stump 2 and Stump 4 blinds now come with a landscape-oriented rear window that is perfect for gun hunting. The blinds will still have the original tall windows for bowhunting, so with the addition of the rear window, you can hunt in every season from the same blind. This is helpful because predator hunting may be a time you want to switch to gun hunting. You can make that transition easily with our new blinds.

Our blinds are designed for stealth and precision, which are necessary advantages when hunting predator animals. Our Stump blinds keep your scent inside the blind, which will prevent the sharp nose of a fox from sniffing you out. You can also elevate your blind and switch between bowhunting and gun hunting seamlessly with our 2020 updates. Our blinds can help you harvest predator animals like foxes, bobcats and coyotes, which helps aide in conservation.

How have you been successful when hunting predators? Let us know your predator hunting tips in the comments below!

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