Using your blind for the last time at the end of hunting season is a bittersweet feeling. You’re thankful for a good season, but can’t wait to get back out again next year. Before you draw the curtain on hunting season, make sure your blind is clean. Taking care of your blind before you leave it for the summer will help give you a jump start on a successful hunting season in the fall. When you come back to your blind in the fall, you’ll have a clean blind ready to give you a fresh start. Here are some tips on how to clean your blind.

Let it Dry

When you’re ready to leave your blind for the season, make sure it is completely dry after you wash it. Our Stump blinds are designed to be left out in the elements, so you can leave your blind in the woods to dry. This will help prevent your blind from accumulating mold due to the moisture. Stump blinds repel water more easily, so you should have no problem with the speed of dry time. The polyethylene construction makes the blind weather resistant and combats chances of the material rotting in the elements.

No Scent

When hunting, it’s important to take the time to spray your clothes down with scent-free products. You want to do the same with your blind. Make sure you’re cleaning your blind with scent free products to make sure the strong chemical odors of other cleaning products don’t seep into the material of your blind. Deer are sensitive to sight and smells, so they will be able to tell if you put your blind back in the field smelling like bleach. You might be able to simply wipe down your blind with a damp rag or washcloth, depending on how much dirt and mud is dried onto the outside.

Clear it Out

Think about the items you’re leaving in the blind. If your blind is not in a location you can access often, consider bringing some hunting items you might need tuned before next hunting season inside the house. Our Stump blinds are weather resistant and temperature controlled, so you should be able to leave them out in the sun all summer with confidence that they won’t weather on the outside or turn into a sauna on the inside. You can safely leave your blind at your hunting spot if your state allows. This will allow you to mark your spot for next hunting season. Though you can leave your blind, you might consider taking some of your accessories in for the summer. Clean out your blind of anything that is a one-time use. Bring in anything battery-powered to change the batteries before the next season. Don’t leave any food in the blind. You don’t want to attract any rodents or other nuisance animals to your blind.

Cleaning your blind before leaving it for the season will create less work in the future. If taken care of properly in the spring, your blind won’t have any issues in the fall: you’ll be able to set up for hunting season with a clean, ready-to-use blind. This will cause less stress in the fall and will get you bagging deer faster.

What are some of your #lifehacks for cleaning a blind? Let us know your techniques in the comments!

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