Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are being encouraged to avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing. If you are fueled by nature and can’t imagine staying indoors for weeks, hunting could be a way to get out in nature without putting yourself at risk in a crowd.

Going on a solo hunting trip in one of our Stump blinds is a great way to stay active without putting yourself at risk of catching the virus. If you are the only one that uses your blind, that will make it a bit easier to keep things sanitary because you’ll know what’s clean and when you cleaned it.

Our Stump blinds are large enough to fit more than one hunter, so if you hunt with a buddy or family members, it’s important to be vigilant with your cleanliness. Make sure that you wipe down everything inside the blind with antibacterial wipes or use disinfectant sprays. Make sure you sanitize the door handles, both on the inside and outside of the blind. Wipe down the arms of your chairs and anywhere else your hands have touched. If you share the blind, wipe down all surfaces before you enter the blind and after you’re done using it.

One of the best ways to prevent catching and spreading the virus is washing your hands, but since you won’t have access to running water to do so, make sure you have hand sanitizer with you. Use hand sanitizer any time you touch your nose, eyes, or mouth. If traditional hand sanitizer isn’t available, you can create your own by mixing rubbing alcohol with aloe vera. Using hand sanitizer will help prevent the spread of germs while you’re in the woods, but as soon as you get home, wash your hands with soap and water.

The virus can also stay in the air for hours after the affected party coughs or sneezes, so be mindful of others. Our Stump blinds have windows all the way around the blind, so you could be hunting with a partner and not be directly facing each other, staying back-to-back. The Stump 4 ‘Vision Series’ is about 6.5 feet wide all the way around the blind, so if you sit on opposite sides of the blind, it should keep you six feet away from your partner, which is the recommended distance for avoiding spread. You will be in a closed, confined space with your hunting partner in the blind, so if you have any doubt that you have the virus, whether you actively have symptoms or know you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive, don’t go on the hunting trip with other people. Make your next hunting trips solo missions for the time being if you have any doubts.

It’s important to think of others in a time like this, especially those that have medical conditions that would make catching the Coronavirus detrimental. You wouldn’t want to accidentally pass the virus to a friend or family member, so use disinfectants and stay alert. If you follow appropriate distancing and keep everything wiped down and clean, you should be able to enjoy this hunting season and bag a few turkeys for dinner.

How are you keeping your equipment clean during this outbreak? Let us know in the comments below!

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