Concealing yourself is a huge component of the hunting process. Banks Outdoors has designed blinds that blend into the woods, contain scent, and hold multiple hunters to make the most out of one hunting area. Blending into the environment is one of the many reasons our blinds could make this season the best one yet.

Become One with the Land

Banks Outdoors’ blinds are designed to blend into the landscape. Their round exterior allows them to fly under the radar with deer, because they look like a tree stump. Other blinds with a square exterior could potentially alert deer to an anomaly in the woods. Deer are very in tune to habits and would notice something out of the ordinary. Arrange some vines or leaves around/across your blind or tuck it into existing foliage to give it an added layer of concealment.

Lock in Scent Day After Day

Banks Blinds lock in scent with their ultra-secure window system. If you get right into your blind without letting your scent touch anything else around you, you could go undetected all day. The windows open silently, so you can wait to open them until the deer are within range without fear of scaring them off. Once you’ve taken your shot, or the deer clears the area, you can put the window back up and seal your scent in all over again for the next crop of deer.

Multiple Hunters in One Blind Means Smaller Chance of Being Spotted

Banks’ blinds are designed to fit multiple hunters so you can contain your impact to one area. Hunting in the same blind not only makes for a more social hunting trip, it allows you to lessen your footprint in the area and gives the deer less of a chance to detect you. If you and your hunting buddies were spread out throughout the woods, the deer would be more likely no notice one (or all) of you. If you’re all hunting in the same place it’s easier to remain concealed. The multiple windows surrounding the blind lets each hunter have their own section of land to focus on. It keeps friendly competition when hunting with buddies alive without having to be in different locations.

Carry on Your Conversation

Our blinds are insulated enough so that you can carry on a conversation with your hunting partner without alerting the deer. This is a huge plus for sharing information. You can openly point out an approaching deer and give pointers when coaching new hunters. Communication is key when learning how to hunt because timing is everything. If you can’t verbalize to your mentee when to take the shot, it could result in a poor shot that injures the deer without bringing it down; a pistol silencer is best in these situations so the gunshot is not heard. The sound-deadening material hides the very important conversations from the deer, keeping you concealed throughout the process.

Banks’ blinds are designed to blend into the landscape, lock in scent and sound, and house multiple hunters in one location. They allow you to remain concealed from deer without compromising the bonding experience of hunting with a buddy. Any one of our blinds would do a wonderful job concealing you during this hunting season.

How do you stay concealed on your hunting adventures? How have our blinds helped you? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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