Filming your hunts is a great way to keep track of your hunting progress and analyze your form. It’s also a great way to generate content for a hunting social media channel. Our Stump blinds are spacious enough to fit you, a friend, and your camera equipment. Learn more about how you can film your hunt from our Stump blinds below.

1. Set Up the Equipment

Set up your equipment in the Stump blind either behind you or right beside you, angled toward the window to catch the action. If you have more than one camera you could set up one so that it’s facing you and the other one can face out the window to catch different angles. You can edit the footage together after the hunt to create a compelling mix of content. The one facing you can record your commentary and shot process and the one facing out the window can catch the actual shot and the deer. If you set the cameras up on a tripod, you can set them to automatically record and you can capture your adventures even when you’re hunting solo. Even if you don’t plan on sharing your content, filming your hunt is a great way to analyze your form so you can identify any areas that need improvement.

There is plenty of room in our Stump blinds to accommodate your cameras. The Stump Sequoia has over 44 square feet of interior space, so there’s plenty of room to set up your cameras and still leave room for you to hunt comfortably. Each Stump blind has multiple windows that surround the blind, so you could also set up a camera that’s aimed toward one of the other open windows that you’re not hunting out of for another angle.

2. Hunt with a Friend

You could also bring a friend with you and have them film the hunt. There’s plenty of room for a partner to sit in a chair and film. If you’re hunting with a friend, you don’t need to worry when you have a conversation. Stump blinds are designed to keep sound and scent in, so you can talk with your partner freely and break for a meal whenever you’d like. As long as the windows are closed, you’ll be concealed. The windows open silently so you can keep them closed until the deer has approached and you’re ready to take the shot. While the windows are closed, you’ll be concealed visibly as well, thanks to the new Phantom Windows that now come standard with our Stump blinds. The windows have a special tint that adjusts to the ambient light. No matter whether it’s dawn, midday or dusk, the window tint will adjust to the amount of daylight. This will help keep you and your equipment concealed as long as possible.

If you’re looking to break into the “hunting show” world, our Stump blinds are a great vessel for your production. Our blinds will offer you the space, sound-proofing abilities, and comfort you’ll need to keep creating quality productions all hunting season. Deer season opens Sept. 16, in less than a month, here in Minnesota, so now is a great time to get your Stump blind set up and test it out before you start rolling.

Have you ever filmed a hunt in your Stump blind? Let us know in the comments below!



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