Deer hunting season is in full swing in most of the country, but there’s still time to find your perfect hunting spot. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you find a last-minute hunting spot for the 2023/2024 hunting season.

Hunting Apps

There are various hunting apps with maps that indicate which areas are public land and which are private land. Check out areas presented on those apps to see if they interest you. Since the season has already started, you might see other hunters’ setups around the land. If you think there’s a little too much pressure in the area, move on and find another spot, keeping that one in mind as a backup or circle back to it later in the season.

Pressured deer will move away from an influx of hunters, so if there are a lot of hunters on one property, move to the back of the property in the opposite direction. You don’t have to find another property completely to find an un-hunted section. Moving away from the action to a less dense area could be all you need to do.

Lock Your Blind

If you do hunt on public land, make sure you’re locking your Stump blind with our Locking Door Handle. On public property, other hunters might use your blind when you’re not there if it’s open and unlocked. Using our locking handle will help ensure that you’re the only one using your blind and avoid unwanted guests and over-hunting of your hunting area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Taking a drive to see if you come across any potential hunting sites can be a good strategy. You never know until you ask, so you shouldn’t be afraid to go up to the owner of a piece of property and ask if you can hunt their land. Walk up to them prepared with information and let them know you’re an ethical hunter who always follows the state laws and hunting regulations. This includes only harvesting the legal amount of deer with your legal license and avoiding supplemental feeding if it is banned in the county. Discuss specific days and times that they’ll allow you to hunt on their property. Offer to share some of your wild game with them or offer another form of repayment if you choose. Ask them if you can leave your Stump blind on their property for the duration of the hunting season or if they’d like you to take it with you each time you leave. If they do ask you to remove it each time, that won’t be a problem with our Stump blinds, like the Stump 4 Scout “Phantom.” It’s easy to move around a property and you’ll easily be able to pull it off their land with the steel hitch and ski base.

Just because hunting season has already started doesn’t mean there isn’t still land available. You might have to try a few places before you find an area that doesn’t already have a lot of hunters, but those areas are out there. Don’t give up. Check out hunting apps and try finding areas through word-of-mouth or through your own observations. Asking a property owner to hunt their land, even this late into October, could result in your best hunting season yet.

How do you find land to hunt after the season’s already started? Let us know in the comments below!



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