November can often be an active and popular month to hunt for bucks. Rut season is typically at its peak during November which creates a torrent of activity and can cause a prime buck to pass right by your blind setup. Here are some tips on how to hunt bucks during November.

Know the Rut Schedule

Pay attention to the rut schedule and note any weeks where there will be high activity. In Minnesota, for example, the peak weeks of the rut are the first couple of weeks of November. So right now is the perfect time to venture out to your Stump blind. As it starts to get a little colder, you can be confident that the weather won’t affect your ability to hunt from your blind. Our Stump ‘Scout” blind is well insulated which means that you’ll be comfortable even as the temperature drops.

Stay Near Water and Food Sources

During the rut, bucks will be running around all the time which means they’ll deplete their energy very quickly. To regain their strength, they visit water and food sources more often. If you have a Wild Water® System, or are near a natural water source like a river or creek, you should make sure you continue putting out the Wild Water® Mineral Supplements. The vitamins and minerals in the water will refuel the bucks during the rut and will create a dependency that will result in them visiting your property more often. You don’t want to hunt directly over the water source, so make sure you can catch them on their travel path. Make sure supplemental feeding is legal in your area before you put out the system.

Continue Calling

During the pre-rut and the start of rut season, it could be a good idea to use deer calls. Using doe calls will encourage bucks to seek out the doe and using sounds like antlers rattling will encourage a dominate buck to see what’s going on and investigate the fight between the other two bucks. When they hear two bucks fighting they’ll likely want to see if they can assert their own dominance and challenge them both. Antler rattling is most effective during the peak rut season.

Stay in the Blind Longer

As the bucks seek does and extra food and water during rut season, they’re going to be out for longer periods of time throughout the day. You might see them staying longer at their feeding areas and, during peak rut season, you might see them out in the middle of the day. Our Stump blinds are spacious so you’ll be able to bring plenty of supplies with you for a full day’s hunt. You’ll be able to fit a sleeping bag and your backpack with food and other necessities comfortably. This will help you take advantage of the extra activity and allow you to stay out during those longer hours.

November brings the peak rut season, which presents unique opportunities for hunters. You can call the deer more aggressively and stay out in your blind longer during November. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your water sources during this time. If you follow this advice, you should have a successful November hunt.

What are your tips for harvesting a buck in November? Let us know your tactics in the comments below!




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