Springtime rain might seem like it’ll put a damper on your hunting plans, but there are ways to work around it. In fact, the rain might even help your hunt. Turkeys remain active even when it’s raining and so should you. We’ve got some tips on how to call and hunt turkeys in the rain in this week’s blog.

Find Open Fields

A spring rain shower will unearth bugs that turkeys love to snack on like earthworms and other invertebrates. Find a grassy field, meadow, or other open areas where these bugs might come up from the dirt. When they’ve had their fill of bugs, the turkeys have a tendency to simply stand out in the open fields, even during a downpour. They will likely stand there in a group and just take in the rain. If you’ve already set up your Stump blind at the edge of one of these clearings, you should be able to remain fairly inconspicuous as you walk to the blind thanks to the wet leaves. You won’t need to worry about the leaves crunching under your feet like you do during crisp fall days. If you need to bring your Stump blind in on your ATV, the rain might mask the sound as you drive in.

You Can Still Use Calls

A box call might cut through the rain a little bit more efficiently than a mouth call as they tend to be louder. However, if you have good projection on your mouth calls, go ahead and use those, too. You want to make sure the turkeys will be able to hear your call through the rain. A wet box or pot call won’t work the same as a dry one, so staying dry in your Stump blind will give you a big advantage with your equipment as well as your comfort. Turkeys tend to stay quiet during the rain, so don’t expect a call back. Calls might still bring the turkeys in to your blind, but you probably won’t have much luck using their responding calls as a location device.

Use a Stump Blind

Hunting from a blind protects hunters from extreme weather elements like blazing sun, freezing temperatures, heavy snow and rain. The blind will provide you with a temperature-controlled environment that shelters you from the rain. In Minnesota, this is especially useful during a cold rain. Our Stump blinds are made from a polyethylene material that can withstand all of the weather elements mentioned above. It’s UV resistant and won’t rot after getting wet. Using our Stump blinds will help keep your clothes and equipment dry. The windows of Stump blinds open silently, so you can keep them closed until you see the turkeys and are ready to take your shot. This will help keep rain from coming in through open windows. The simple handle of the blind should also be easy to turn even if your hands are cold and wet.

Hunting from a Stump blind will keep you and your equipment dry while you hunt active turkeys in a downpour. Go to your blind at the edge of an open field where the turkeys will likely be grazing on a buffet of bugs and wait for your shot.

How do you call and hunt turkeys in the rain? Let us know in the comments below!



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