Though opening day of hunting season is approaching fast, you still have time to make some changes to your hunting property. Making small changes to your property can help prepare you for the season ahead and possibly provide something for the deer herd that they didn’t get last year. Review our tips below for a few ways you can change your hunting property quickly.

Add a Feeder

One of the quickest ways to add something new to your hunting property is to add a deer feeder. Our Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeders are on a single post, so they are incredibly easy to install and easy to move. If you’re not happy with it in its current location, you can easily move it around your property. Make sure you’re placing your deer feeder far enough away from bedding areas and water sources that you’ll have access to the deer’s travel routes. If you’ve already found the perfect spot for your Stump blind, place your feeder nearby. Setting up your feeder during the summer will give the deer herd time to get used to the food before winter and it will also give you time to observe them on trail cameras before the season opens.

Add a Water Source

A water source is another easy change you can make to your property. Our Wild Water® Systems can be set up anywhere on your property. Once you set it up, all you have to do is add water and our Wild Water® Mineral Supplements and you’ll have deer coming to investigate the new water source in no time. Set up both a Feedbank Gravity Feeder and a Wild Water System for double-duty nutrition for your herd. This combination will encourage deer to visit your property, which will set you up for perfect hunting areas and will allow you to observe them year-round.

Place Trail Cameras

Once you’ve set up your water source and deer feeder, you should set up trail cameras facing each of those locations, if you can. This will help you determine what time of day the deer herd is the most active and will show you whether they’re traveling to all of the locations. If you can pinpoint the direction they’re coming from, you can set up your Stump blind in a common area between the two locations. It’s always better to hunt the route between sources than to hunt directly on top of them.

Clear Shooting Lanes

Another quick fix for your property is to clear your shooting lanes. You want to make sure the area in front of your Stump blind will provide you a clear shot when the time comes to harvest a deer. You don’t need to completely expose the area around your blind, but make sure enough of the surrounding area is clear that a stray branch won’t sabotage your shot. This step is important whether you’re hunting from the ground or you place your Stump blind on an elevated platform like our Steel Tower System.

The next hunting season will be upon us before you know it. We hope the above tips will help you refresh your hunting property so that you’re ready for the year ahead. The changes don’t have to be time-consuming to make a difference. You can implement these changes easily and quickly so that you can get back to practicing your form and enjoying time in the sun.

What are some ways you’ve been able to change your hunting property in a short amount of time? Let us know in the comments below!

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