How to Protect your Blind in the Off Season

When hunting season comes to a close, you have the choice to take your blind down or leave it up (if your state laws allow that.) While leaving your blind out in the elements might seem like a bad idea, our Stump blinds are built to last. Our blinds are weather resistant and can withstand staying positioned in the woods all summer with the proper maintenance. How well you take care of your blind before you throw in the towel for the season can have an impact on next year’s hunt. We’ve got some tips on how to take care of your blind no matter what option you choose.

Putting the Blind Away

If you decide to put your blind away for the off-season, do not put it away wet. Always make sure that the blind is completely dried out before you put it away in storage. The polyethylene material on our Stump blinds is weather resistant and should dry out in no time. Locking a wet blind in a closed-in space with no ventilation could cause mold to grow and cause a headache for you next season when you bring the blind back out for use. You don’t even have to leave your blind out in the woods to dry out. You can bring it into your garage or shed to let it dry out. Any temperature-controlled environment with adequate venting will serve its purpose to dry out your blind.

Leaving your Blind in the Field

If you decide to leave your blind out in the woods to mark your spot, our Stump blinds can handle that as well. Our UV resistant material ensures that your blind won’t deteriorate with the sun’s harmful rays. You can leave it out all summer without worrying about it fading. If you’re leaving your blind, make sure it is properly secured. You need to be prepared for any kind of windstorm that may come through. You don’t want your blind knocked over with the wind when you’re not there to fix it.

Elevate your Stump blind above a bunch of bushes or shrubs during your fall hunting adventures, then leave it over the spring and summer. During this time the shrubbery will grow around and underneath your blind to create optimum camouflage. Then when you come back to it in the fall, the shrubs have had the time and room to grow underneath. If you leave your blind, nature can grow organically around it. You won’t have to carve out the perfect spot for your blind every year if you leave it up and let nature work its magic.

Your bind will last through countless hunting seasons if you take care of it properly. Treat your blind as well as you do your other equipment. We make sure our bows are tuned and our arrows aren’t frayed or broken, so our blinds should get the same care. They’re a vital hunting tool that could greatly impact your hunt for better or for worse depending on how you maintain it. Our Stump blinds are durable and can withstand a lot, but you still need to give them the proper care to make sure they continue to serve you well on your future hunts. What steps do you take to keep your hunting gear in good shape for the following season?

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