Maybe you haven’t harvested that buck you’ve had your eye on all year, but you can still end this hunting season on a high note. Hunting season’s over in Minnesota, but if the sun hasn’t set on hunting season in your state, you’ve still got time to make a comeback and get venison in the freezer for the New Year. Here are our tips for how to end this hunting season on a high note.

Keep Your Trail Cameras Rolling

Even if you’ve been having a rough time harvesting a deer this year, you can still do everything you can to observe their behavior and gather information for the end of this season or next year. Continue checking your trail cameras and make sure your Feedbank Gravity Feeder and Wild Water® System are filled. Whether you’re able to get out to your Stump blind again before hunting season ends or not, you can still observe. This will help you learn when the deer herd tend to feed during this time of the season so you can prepare for next year or capitalize on the last few weeks of your season.


Though hunting season itself might be coming to a close, you can always practice from your Stump bind, even in the off-season. If you had a less than ideal season this year, leave your Stump blind where it is at your favorite hunting spot and practice with 3D targets. Whether you need to practice different angles, your release or overall form, it’s beneficial to keep practicing the things that held you back this year. If your Stump blind is elevated on a Steel Tower System, you’ll have to remember to account for the angle when you’re taking your shot. Practice that technique through all of the windows in your Stump blind so you can be prepared to take aim as soon as the deer comes into range.


Deer usually shed their antlers late winter. Look ahead to this time and plan a shed hunting trip later this winter. Their sheds will give you insight into their patterns and their health. Antlers dropped early indicate an unhealthy herd, antlers dropped later indicate a healthy one. Start planning now to make the off-season count.

Try a New Location

Hunting season is over in Minnesota, but if it’s still open in your state, it’s not too late to turn everything around, make that harvest and put venison on the table in time for the New Year. If your usual hunting spots haven’t panned out for you all season, try moving to a new spot for the last bit of hunting season. Our Stump blinds are portable, so you can easily pull it off the property with your car, truck, or ATV and move it to your new hot spot. Once you’re at your new spot, get comfortable in your Stump blind (even in the freezing December temps) and give it another try.

Even if you didn’t have the greatest hunting season this year, that shouldn’t discourage you for future hunting endeavors. Take the off-season to practice and focus on the areas that need work. Keep stocking your feeders and water systems and take some time to scout this winter. If you focus on the prep work for next year, you can end this hunting season a high note.

What are your tips for recovering from from a poor hunting season? Let us know in the comments below!

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