March Madness doesn’t just apply to NCAA basketball, there’s a whole month of whitetail scouting madness for any hunter that’s looking to get a head start on the fall deer season. We’ve got some tips on how to kickoff spring the right way: by setting yourself up for a successful deer season.

Scope Out Blind Locations

March is the calm before the turkey hunting storm. Take advantage of the warmer weather and the lull between seasons to go out in the woods and scout next year’s deer hunting locations. Look for areas near natural food sources like corn fields, soybean fields, acorn trees, and apple trees. Look for natural water sources like ponds and creeks. Identify areas where there are heavy shrubs or heavy low-hanging branches that deer will use for cover. If you see a worn path, follow it to see if it connects multiple sources. It’s always a good idea to have a few different locations in mind in case one of your first choices is taken by another hunter when you go to the woods or the area has too many hunters in general.

Check for Scrapes

Now that the snow has melted, you’ll be able to find scrapes from the fall season that you may have missed. Those fall scrapes that happened after you filled your tags were buried under leaves and snow for months, but now they have been revealed again and you can scout them retroactively. Focus on clusters of scrapes. This could indicate a gathering spot and the deer herd might return to it again in the fall.

Antler Sheds

Shed hunting is a pastime in and of itself. Many hunters love the thrill of finding antler sheds in the wild, post-season. A strong antler is a great indicator of whether the herd received enough nutrition the previous year. If the tines of the antlers are broken this could indicate that the buck had some serious battles with other bucks. This knowledge will help you go into next season prepared, knowing that aggressive antler rattles will likely work with this herd.

Prepare Food and Water

If you have private land, place your Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeders and Wild Water Systems on your property now. As deer come out of a cold winter, their digestive systems will be ready to take on new foods. A deer’s stomach is very sensitive during the winter months when they’re trying to conserve their energy, so spring and summer are the ideal times to introduce food to the deer herd. Introducing the food during spring will help give them time to adapt to it before the weather turns cold again. Giving them a boost of nutrition will also help the does provide nutrient-rich milk to their spring/summer fawns. Our Wild Water Mineral Supplements will help provide them with adequate and addictive nutrition right on your own property.

Clear Shooting Lanes

March is a great time to clear your property of overgrown or dead vegetation and open up some shooting lanes. It’s the perfect time for outdoor yard work because you won’t have to battle the blazing sun like you would during the summer months. Whether you clear shooting lanes based on where you place your Stump blind or vice vera is up to you. As long as you end up with clear shots from your blind, you’ll have a successful deer season.

March marks the beginning of spring, coming out of the cold and into a period of growth. It’s the perfect time to plant seeds for the fall deer season, both literally and figuratively. What you scout out now can have a big impact come fall.

How do you scout deer and prepare for the deer hunting season in March? Let us know in the comments below!



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