When you go out for an all-day hunt over the next few months, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible so you can stay in the blind all day and hopefully have multiple chances for a harvest. During the rut season deer will be active all day, so staying in the blind is a great opportunity to capitalize on all that activity. We’ve got some tips on how to stay comfortable during an all-day sit.

Eat a Snack

One of the best things about Stump blinds, like the Stump 4, is that they have heavy insulation. The walls are insulated to keep sound and scent inside the blind so you can speak freely and don’t have to worry as much about your scent. Not having to worry about scent means you can eat lunch in your blind. Eating a meal in the blind will buy you precious hunting time so that you can keep your eye out even during a break. It’s important to make sure you’re scent free when you’re walking to and from your blind, so covering yourself with a scent-eliminating spray is still a good idea, but once you get in the blind, you have more freedom. You should still use common sense when it comes to the food. For example, you still wouldn’t want to bring an egg salad sandwich or anything else with a strong scent in case you do see a deer as you’re eating and need to open the windows. For the most part, as long as you don’t go overboard, you’ll be free to eat in peace.

While you’re on your lunch break, take a break and relax. If you’re starting to get tired from the early morning wake up call, stretch out in a sleeping bag and take a nap. There’s enough room in our Stump blinds to stretch out and make yourself comfortable.

Stay Warm

The heavy insulation also means that you’ll be able to stay warm inside the blind. Even if it’s cold outside, the blind should keep you toasty enough to be comfortable all day. The insulation is also beneficial for layers. If it’s cold outside, you can wear your layers, including your jacket, to walk to the blind comfortably, but can take your jacket off inside the blind to avoid getting overheated. Sweating produces a scent for the deer to tune in to, so sweating inside the blind and then walking back to your car with that scent lingering for the deer would be counterintuitive. Take advantage of being able to shed some layers inside the blind.

Have a Conversation

A third benefit to the insulation is being able to have a conversation in the blind. As long as the windows are closed, you should be able to talk inside the blind without the deer hearing you outside. Again, use common sense and don’t shout, but a conversation would be buffered from laser-focused deer ears. When you’re hunting with a partner this makes the experience more comfortable and social as you can openly discuss what you’re seeing and mentor your hunting partner or you can simply hold a friendly conversation. Hunting together can create a strong bond between two people, so being able to communicate with each other will help solidify that bond. If you’re hunting by yourself, play music softly from a radio or listen to a podcast.

Stump blinds are incredibly comfortable so you shouldn’t have any problems sitting in one for an all-day hunt. They’ll keep you warm, allow you to have a conversation and even take a nap. We hope you enjoy yours during the upcoming winter months.

How do you stay comfortable when you’re hunting from your Stump blind all day? Let us know what makes a Stump blind so comfortable in the comments below!




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