Hunting during the winter can be a challenge. Hunters often need to trudge through snow or fight freezing temperatures. It’s important to dress in layers to keep yourself warm on the walk to the blind and take layers off once you’re inside your insulated Stump blind. The Stump blinds and accessories listed below will keep you safe and warm inside your blind and make it easy to hunt during the winter, on land or on ice.

Stay Warm with Wall Insulation

When you’re sitting for an all-day hunt, you want to be as comfortable as possible, especially during winter when the cold can be brutal. Our Wall Insulation will pad the walls of your Stump blind and help keep you warm during winter. The weather has already gotten colder, so now is the perfect time to add our Wall Insulation to your Stump blind and give yourself an extra level of comfort.

The Wall Insulation easily attaches to the walls of your Stump blind with an adhesive attachment. Start by wiping down the walls to create a clean canvas, free of anything that might prevent the adhesive from sticking. Peel the backing off the insulation to expose the adhesive. Then, simply press the insulation onto the wall for a quality seal that will hold the insulation in place, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom. The Wall Insulation fits all Stump blinds, so you can add it to an existing blind or invest in the added comfort when you order a new Stump blind. Blinds in our ‘Pro Hunter’ series come with the Wall Insulation already installed to make setting up your Stump blind even easier.

Ice Fish in Comfort with the Stump ‘Ice’

The blinds in the Stump ‘Ice’ series are versatile and great for any hunter that wants to transition from hunting on land to fishing on the ice with ease. The Stump 3 ‘Ice’ comes standard with a three-point door latching system to make sure the door seals securely and cold air stays out. The wood floor and Floor Mat keep your feet off the ice so they stay dry and warm against a frozen pond. Stump ‘Ice’ blinds also come with a grab handle that you can attach to the outside of the blind, beside the door, to help you keep your balance when you exit the blind and step onto the ice.

The walls are sturdy enough for you to mount a heater. You will already be comfortable thanks to the insulated walls, but you have the option to mount a heater for additional comfort. There are no poles, stakes or zippers to struggle with while you’re wearing gloves. When you’re done fishing, you can simply close the door and leave, pulling the blind easily across the ice with the ski base.

It’s important to stay warm and protected when you hunt during winter. Our Wall Insulation will give you an additional layer of protection against the cold and the Stump ‘Ice’ allows you to ice fish comfortably. We want your hunting and fishing experiences to be as safe and comfortable as possible, so we try to keep cold weather in mind when we design our products. Either of the products mentioned above will help make cold-weather hunting more enjoyable.

How do you winterize your Stump blind to keep yourself comfortable and warm? Let us know in the comments below!

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