Hunt Deer in Any Weather

Banks blinds stand up to whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

Some of my earliest hunting memories revolve around the weather and the torment it could sometimes cause. On one occasion in particular, my father and I were perched high in a ladder stand overlooking an oak flat. There was nothing to stop the wind and despite the multiple layers of clothing, it seemed to suck the breath out of me.

To this day, the weather continues to dictate my hunting pursuits. Winter storms force me back to camp and a fire while early season warm spells and mosquitos make sitting in a stand miserable. This is a common narrative among hunters who spend far too many hours sweating in tree stands or shivering in old, homemade boxes. That’s why in 1994 we set out to create some of the best hunting blinds on the market, to ensure comfort all season long.

We understand that being able to hunt in comfort means you can stay in the woods longer. The more you’re hunting, the better the chances that you’ll spot the buck you’ve been eyeing since the summer. Plus, youngsters will take to the sport much quicker if they can hunt from a blind that’s warm with plenty of room to move around.

Durable Construction

All of our blinds are constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene shells that won’t rot after sitting in the elements year after year. The windows seal tight, which keeps your scent contained and the rain, snow and wind out. The bases of our blinds are made with steel plates to ensure secure mounting. The Vision Series is perfect for bowhunters thanks to long, vertical windows. All of our blinds offer a 360-degree view, which is perfect for bow or gun hunters.

This year, we completely redesigned the Stump 3 hunting blind with a roomier interior so that your spouse or kids can join. Since there’s plenty of floor space, we like to set up a tripod and film our hunts with a DSLR camera. On those really cold days, you can stay warm by using any heater approved for indoor use.

Just last year, on a rainy hunt during the middle of November, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in just a few hours. Snow began to fall and, thanks to a Stump 3, I hunted until last light. I harvested a buck that I wouldn’t have even seen had I gone back to camp like everyone else. It’s a testament to our blinds and the fact that when you can sit all day in comfort, the chances of harvesting a deer increase.

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