Predator animals like hogs, coyotes, and bobcats can threaten the deer herd in your area. These animals will hunt and take down the deer in your herd for their own harvest, severely diminishing the size of the deer population. Hunt these predator animals to protect your deer herd, ensure a healthy herd in the fall, and protect your crops from unwanted demolition.

Protect Your Herd

The deer population would get out of control in certain areas if hunters didn’t harvest them. Far too many deer would end up inhabiting a very small area and would cause accidents on the road and other hazards to property. One of the main reasons bowhunters hunt deer is to control the amount of deer and keep the population at a safe number. They also hunt them as a source of locally harvested meat to cook in their homes. The meat from a large buck could feed a family for months. These are just a couple of reasons why hunting is necessary for conservation and the same reasons apply to hunting predator animals.

Bowhunters know that they have to purchase a designated number of tags to hunt deer in their area. Once their tags run out, they can no longer hunt deer legally without purchasing more. This helps control how many deer hunters are harvesting so that the deer population doesn’t go the other direction and fall to numbers that are too low. Predator animals are also hunting deer for their food, which can lead to a drastic decrease in the deer population if left unchecked.

Protect Your Property

Predator animals like hogs can also cause significant damage to property. They could demolish your food plot and tear up your yard. Our Feedbank Gravity Feeders are able to withstand advances by nuisance animals with its securely locking lid and high feeder ports, but your food plot might not be so lucky. Watch your trail cameras and see if there are any hogs, coyotes, or bobcats getting into your food plot.

These animals could also attack you or a family member. Coyotes and bobcats could be a threat to your pets. If they’re capable of taking down a large buck, they definitely pose a risk to your dogs and cats. Protect your deer herd as well as your household pets.

Stump Blinds are Perfect for Predator Hunting

If you don’t hunt predator animals during the off-season, you might not have as many deer to hunt for yourself in the fall. Our Stump blinds are perfect for hunting predator animals because they can be set up directly on the ground or slightly elevated. Elevating your Stump blind will allow you to scan the terrain and horizon below for coyotes and hogs and scan the trees above for bobcats. You’ll have the ideal viewpoint for seeing all types of predator animals as they approach.

Hunting predator animals will protect your property from damage, your family from danger, and your deer herd from over-hunting. Our Stump blinds make it easy to hunt all types of predator animals from one blind. You can set yourself up with supplies for the day, stretch out in the spacious interior and hunt the hogs, coyotes, and bobcats that are threatening your herd.

Do you hunt predator animals on your property? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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