Hunters should be crossing as many items off their to-do list as possible, even beyond the typical off season hunting prep. Now is the time to take care of your hunting chores. Here’s what you should tackle over the summer.

Add Accessories to Your Blind

If you’ve been thinking about adding one of our accessories to your blind, now is the perfect time to do it. Install our Steel Ladder, Bow Hanger, or Locking Door Handle.   Add it during the off season when you can safely visit your blind without disturbing the herd. Making the change this early will also give you time to install them and get used to them.

Clean Your Hunting Gear

If you put your hunting gear away at the end of the season and haven’t touched them since, they’re due for a pick-me-up. Wash your clothes in scent-free detergent to refresh them. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them away so they don’t end up smelling musty. Check for any wear and tear and replace anything that’s damaged. This includes your camouflage clothes, your hat and gloves, your backpack, and your hunting boots.

Clear Your Food Plot of Weeds

Check any food plots you’ve recently planted for signs of weeds. Even if you cleared the weeds before you planted your plot, they might have resurfaced. Squash any sign of weed growth so your plants can grow as healthy as possible. Use a weed killer that will stop the weeds, but won’t harm your crops. You also want to make sure it is safe for animals. You don’t want deer to get sick eating from your food plot.

Study Last Year’s Notes

Study any notes you took in your hunting journal last year. Identify the trends and see if you’ll be able to hunt the same areas again. Make sure you have a back up plan if your usual hunting grounds aren’t available anymore. Study the areas you’ve marked for improvement and practice. If you had trouble with the longer shots last year, take out your bow and practice. Start at a smaller range and keep increasing the distance until you’re comfortable.

Check to see if you need an increase or decrease in draw weight. If you have difficulty holding the shot at full draw, you might need to go down in draw weight. If you can pull the bowstring back a little too easily, you might need to go up in draw weight. If you are at the minimum draw weight for hunting in your area and are still having difficulty holding the draw, start incorporating more upper body exercises into your work-out routine. Visit your local archery shop to adjust your bow if necessary.

Research New Hunting Land

Research new areas to hunt. Look for public lands online or hop in the car and scope out potential private land. Always ask the homeowners for permission to hunt on their land. The earlier you ask, the more time you have to discuss with the homeowner. Be willing to work with their schedule and only hunt on the days they agree on. If you find the perfect plot of private land to hunt on and the property owner agrees to let you hunt on it this year, send them a note or small gift to thank them in advance. Always check your state’s laws about hunting on public land if that’s the route you choose.

Taking care of these hunting chores will cross some much needed tasks off your to-do list and will get you pumped for hunting season. The more you prepare in the off season, the better off you’ll be in the fall.

What are some of the items on your hunting chore list? Let us know in the comments!

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