Father’s Day is right around the corner! It’s coming up on June 19. If your dad or the father figure in your life is into the outdoors, consider giving them the gift of new hunting equipment. Whether they’re looking to upgrade their gear, or they’re just getting started in outdoor activities, these gifts should pique their interest and have them looking forward to the summer activities and fall hunting season ahead. We’ve compiled a few gift ideas that will hopefully check items off the wish list or at least point you in the right direction.

New Windows

All hunters want to remain concealed while they hunt; it’s one of the most important parts of the hunting process. With our new Phantom Windows, the hunter in your life can hunt from their Stump blind with more stealth than ever before. The new windows are designed to up the ante when it comes to concealment. The tinted framed windows allow you to see out while still being under cover in various lighting. You can hunt from dawn until dusk and remain concealed the entire time without compromising your ability to observe the deer. You can add these windows to the Stump 2, Stump 3 and Stump 4 blinds, or self-made box blinds. Whether your dad or father figure already owns a Stump blind, or has a box blind they made themselves, they can add these windows before their next hunt.

Bucket Backpack

If your dad or father figure is an overall outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and camping, our Bucket Backpack would make a great gift. It’s combination of a bucket and a backpack that’s covered in camouflage. The bucket is 5 gallons and can be carried like a backpack thanks to the attached padded backpack straps. It also has five exterior compartments that make for convenient and accessible storage. The bucket comes with a padded lid that you can remove and use as a seat wherever you need it. The bucket is a great way to easily carry your harvest after a hunt or fishing trip. It’s also a great way to carry meals and drinks on ice while you’re camping and hiking, with the built-in seat giving you the ability to stop and take a rest anywhere in the forest.

Stump Chair

A comfortable outdoor chair is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Designed for hunting, our Stump Chair is a comfortable director’s-style chair designed to make hunting from your Stump blind more comfortable. It has a wide base which helps keep you stable as you prepare to take your shot. Though it’s designed for hunting, you can use this chair to sit outside anywhere: your backyard, a campsite, wherever the dad or father figure in your life wants to spend their time.

Wild Water® Starter Kit

Our Wild Water® Starter Kit is a great gift for a hunter that’s looking to provide the deer herd with a nutritious, consistent water source. The kit comes with a Wild Water® 50 tank and trough, a packet of WH2O Mineral Supplement, and a Wild Water® Bladder portable device. The supplement comes in various flavors that will help entice deer to keep visiting the water source. We offer apple, grape, permission, vanilla and an unflavored version. This gift is great for the seasoned hunter that’s looking to add something new to their hunting property. Check your local regulations for supplemental feeding and water guidelines in your area.

In just a few short weeks, your dad or father figure will be opening their Father’s Day gifts and enjoying their new outdoor gear. Whether they start using it right away, or wait until hunting season, outdoor and hunting gear can be a great gift to give the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

What hunting gifts would you give your dad or the father figure in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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